Thursday, March 21, 2013

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 The girls all looked so pretty dressed up to Irish Dance at our parish's St. Patrick Day celebration.  (Click the link to watch videos of my girls dancing!)  I had hoped to curl all of my girls' hair in ringlets, but boy is it time consuming... They were happy with just a few. And I did find a pretty Shamrock Plant for them to give to their teacher!


My girls have been very happy to make a couple new friends through Irish Dancing.  These sweet girls (on the left) go to the small local Catholic school and happen to have the same names (spelled differently) as my girls!  My boys have lots of friends, but there just aren't very many any girls my girls ages in our homeschool group - just a few that are either older or younger.   I sure wish the sweet woman who taught the classes would do so all year, but she is getting ready to return to Ireland next month to visit her mother.  Hopefully next year she will offer to teach the girls again for next year's parish celebration! 

I was also happy to be able to snap a quick picture of my youngest brother (and oldest godson) with his Godfather (a friend of my parents from Church).  I don't think we have gotten a picture of the two of them together since his Baptism! 


I was so excited to find Murphy's Irish Stout at Trader Joe's this year!  My maiden name was Murphy, after all.   I also purchased a case of Irish Beer at Costco.  I'm not sure what I was thinking... I don't really care for beer, and Sean gave it up for Lent (though St. Patrick's Day was on a Sunday, and his birthday is on Palm Sunday!) so I think we are set for Easter!  Who wants to come over?! ;) 


We still are fighting colds and coughs in our home.  On Sunday Captain, Rose and Bud were too sick to go to Mass and the party so Sean went to an early Mass and then came home while I took the middle four to the late Mass.  Snuggles has since come down sick and has had earaches the past few nights.   I'm praying that everyone is healthy again by Easter! 

I did end up making the St. Patrick's Day Pudding! This time I made it in individual cups, only for the healthy members of our family...  I also had purchased some Rainbow's End Trail Mix and Green Coins (instead of Gold) after digging through the box of "Bunny Bucks" at the store to find the bags with the most green...  We'll be saving those for Easter too! 

Oh, before I go, did you see the boys' Lego Creation over on Father Z's blog?  
They were very excited, and also said to thank you all for your comments! 
Also, for those who have been asking, I am working on a list of the books I choose for this year's Easter Baskets.  Hopefully I can finish it up tonight and post it tomorrow! 

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  1. The boys are celebrities now! :-) Cool! I need to see if Costco still has that variety pack! Hubs would like that too. "Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's Chowder?" :-) Genevieve

  2. The girls look beautiful in their costumes and curls! It brings back great memories of my Irish dancing days with my sisters.

    And I *love* the Lego habemus papam! So clever.

  3. The legos are great!! I showed my husband last night. I especially like all the spectators being held back by the Swiss Guard.

    The girls look beautiful, and their dresses are gorgeous. I am so impressed that their teacher made all of them. My daughter really wants to do Irish step (We don't have an ounce of Irish blood in us but all the other girls in the families of our TEAMS of Our Lady group step and she wants to join them--of course they are actually Irish!) It hasn't been possible so far with our schedule and finances, but at some point I may just have to dig deep and do it. It really is a beautiful form of dance and much more wholesome than what is offered at regular dance schools.

    Take care, Jessica and I will pray for your little ones to get well soon!

  4. You could experiment with rag curls. My mom did barrel curls for us girls with rags. I don't see any tutorials for the method she used though. If you're interested I can figure out directions (using my dd as a guinea pig).

  5. Hi Jessica! I like your blog! Thank you!!

    Your youngest brother is very handsome! :)

    Happy Holy week!
    God Bless!

  6. I read Fr. Z's blog, and was thrilled that he linked to your post. I've also previously given the link to your blog to a priest friend of mine to share with his parishioners, particularly those who home-school. --Danielle


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