Sunday, February 17, 2013

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Pretty dollies riding around on the stroller with Bud.  He is always more than happy to play with Rose, when she is willing to give him a ride on her doll stroller!


My last post included a video of a few of Bud's first steps...  
Here are another couple videos taken the next day, on Ash Wednesday!  :) 


Last Sunday I made French Toast for breakfast, topped with maple syrup and the rest of the Apple Pie Filling leftover from the Hobbit Apple Tarts.  Bud took his time eating his breakfast, and just as soon as I left the table for a minute to start cleaning up, he decided to rub his plate on the top of his head.   I turned around to see him looking like this as he set the plate back down on the table!


Thankfully we were able to get all the stickiness out of his hair in the bathtub and get ready for our first quarterly Latin Mass that evening!   My "baby" is growing up way too quickly...

I hope the first week of Lent is off to a great start for you all!   It has been so busy in our home this week, with Mass on Ash Wednesday, a get together in town with friends on St. Valentine's Day, and the tutor here on Friday, in addition to other errands...   I've also managed to continue with my exercising/time on the treadmill each day and, after losing 2 more pounds (for a total of 15 this year) I have finally hit my pre-pregnancy weight from Bud!  It is definitely a start!  Now to focus on the weight leftover from my pregnancy with Rose... ;)

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  1. What a sweet little guy! LOVE the clapping! Great job on the treadmill girl!

  2. Congratulations, Jessica! Meeting a weight goal like that is huge! Keep it up!

    Love the pics of Bud with the sticky hair! He is getting too big!

  3. That HAIR!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!


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