Thursday, February 21, 2013

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and the beginning of the girl's Lent Lap Books... 

(I'm still working on our usual wall calendar... I'm running a little behind this year. Anyone else?) 


I'm very happy that, despite Lent starting (way too) early this year, it is finally starting to look like the Lenten season in our home.  The children have changed the vestments to purple in the school room, and our Jesus Tree is hanging on the wall.   


I always feel funny when I take a self-portrait of just myself, unless I'm pregnant, or have one of my other children in the picture too.  An even funnier sight, however, was me stumbling out of the Church after the Deacon put the Ashes on my forehead.  He pretty much showered me in them, filling my eyes and then leaving a long black streak across my face while he was trying to wipe them off.  As the altar girls began giggling he apologized.  Haven't had that happen before!  Through the ashes I was still able to find my way to the restroom to wash out my eyes and dust off my nose and cheeks before returning to Mass.   I should have taken a picture of that!


I love my helpers!  The big kids are taking turns reading the little ones the bible stories each day before they hang the ornaments on our Jesus Tree.


As much as "we" try to read a story a day, there are still some days that we need to do a little "catching up" and read two stories (or more).  This actually ends up being a good thing, since each of the little ones gets to hang their own ornament! ;) 

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  1. praise God for your beautiful lenten journey, thus far.

    continued prayers for you and yours. +AJPM+

  2. Yep, still working on my calendar as well. Glad I'm not the only one , plus Hubby, baby and I have decided to head to Rome for the conclave so many of the usual Lenten activities are being cut back a bit. Still praying, fasting, and giving alms though. ;)

    Meagan /Lazywife

  3. Where do you find those long denim skirts for your girls? I've been looking for a long time for some like that for my girls.

    1. They are all made by Old Navy and I have them in sizes 5, 6, 7, and 8. I was so disappointed when I recently discovered that they are no longer carrying them... :( Recently I was able to find another on Ebay. If you find a new source please let me know!

  4. Such a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing so many parts of your life with the rest of us! I made my own Jesus Tree, which looks more like a dead pine tree, and I'm trying to make the ornaments from sight. It has been fun, and my boys are enjoying the readings, ornaments, and coloring pages. I am amazed that you can keep the Jesus Tree so low with so many little ones. My 1 1/2yr old would scatter them all over the place! Keep up the posts. I am truly enjoying them, and our home is more "active" because of them. God bless you.

    1. Honestly it has been a problem in the past! Check out this post: Mystery Solved

      Thank you for visiting!

  5. I have a 20+ year old copy of that bible! It's a lovely one for children. I was fascinated by the beautiful pictures as a child.

    1. How neat! I also remember it from my child, which is probably why I love it so much! :)

  6. I feel like I am so behind in Lenten preparations. Working part-time is really throwing me for a loop. I need to get my act together this weekend or it will be over before I even start. I am feeling motivated and insprired. Take care, Jessica.


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