Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our First Latin Mass :: Quinquagesima Sunday

WE BESEECH THEE, O Lord, mercifully hear our prayers, that being loosed from the bonds of our sins, we may be defended by Thee against all adversity.  Through our Lord.

THOU ART THE GOD that alone dost wonders: Thou hast made Thy power known among the nations. With Thy arm Thou hast delivered Thy people, the children of Israel and of Joseph. 

SING JOYFULLY TO GOD that alone dost wonders: Thou hast made Thy power known among the nations.  With Thy arm Thou hast delivered Thy people, the children of Israel and of Joseph.  

THEY DID EAT, and were filled exceedingly, and the Lord gave them their desire: they were not defrauded of that which they craved.

WE BESEECH THEE, almighty God, that we who have received this heavenly nourishment, may be strengthened by it against all adversities.  Through our Lord. 

Quinquagesima Sunday:  When the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar was revised in 1969, the three pre-Lenten Sundays were removed; they are now denominated simply as Sundays in Ordinary Time. Septuagesima, Sexagesima, and Quinquagesima are all still observed in the celebration of the traditional Latin Mass.

Quinquagesima  means "fiftieth." It is 49 days before Easter, or 50 if you count Easter itself. (Similarly, Pentecost Sunday is said to be 50 days after Easter, but the number is calculated by including Easter in the count.)  Quinquagesima Sunday is the final Sunday before the start of Lent (the Sunday beforeAsh Wednesday), which makes it the seventh Sunday before Easter.

The color of the Mass is violet.   I had hoped to pre-order a custom cake with violet (and a Latin quote from the Mass) but I wasn't able to get to town to do so.   I was so excited that they had one with at least some violet!  :)

I loved having my copy of Laudamus Te (The Magazine of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Liturgy of the Roman Rite) to follow along during the Mass.  (Thank you to my dear mother-in-law for my gift subscription!)

Mass was packed, absolutely beautiful and Father's homily was incredibly inspiring as we prepare to begin Lent this coming week! Our oldest two boys were able to serve, my husband sang in the choir, and I managed to still take a few pictures to share with you all, despite the squirmy little boy in my arms.   (Our friend Marc took additional pictures which he'll be sharing soon!)

We are so very thankful for our Pastor's hard work and willingness to accommodate my husband's request for this Latin Mass and the quarterly Masses that will follow!  (Though we will continue to pray for more frequent Latin Masses. In the meantime I am very thankful that we are able to have these, since it usually requires us having a baby to have a Latin Mass in the Extraordinary Form here! lol) We are so very thankful to Father Kotas for driving over 2 hours each way to offer this Mass for us!   And I am also thankful to all of my visitors here at Shower of Roses who have been praying for this intention of ours as well!  May God Reward you all!

Deo Gratias! 


  1. Congratulations! It is wonderful how the Latin Mass is becoming more and more available!
    We are blessed to have Priest's from the F.S.S.P. in our area. I will continue to pray for this intention for you. God Bless!

  2. I am so happy for you and your family. I thank God almost every day for the F.S.S.P. and our growing Latin Mass parish. May the Latin Mass continue to flourish in your diocese!

    Like you, I am very pleased with Laudamus Te. I have a old 1945 St. Andrew's Missal, but I still find Laudamus Te to be very beneficial. In the evenings, I enjoy coloring in the pictures as I listen to my husband read to the children.

    May God bless your boys for taking up the torch and for recognizing the privilege of serving Christ at the altar!

    1. Please excuse the typo. That should have read "an old".

  3. Lovely! So, so happy for you! Thank you, Pope Benedict XVI, for Summorum Pontificum!! -Genevieve

  4. What a blessing!! The boys look so sweet and reverent!

  5. This is such wonderful, wonderful news for you all! I know you have mentioned this intention for some time, so I'm so happy for this answered prayer. We never thought we would have a weekly TLM in our diocese seven years ago when I finished school and we moved back home, but now we have a (tiny) chapel with several Masses each Sunday, daily Mass, the sacraments...completely unfathomable to me such a short time ago. Praying the situation with be similar for you!

  6. So wonderful! I had my granddaughter on Sunday & went to the regular English 10AM mass. Somehow, I missed this, and did not know about it, I guess, as I do not recognize the beautiful church in the background. But we sure were moved at the regular service this last Sunday, the gospel & the messages & lessons from our Rev Father Adam Kotas. Mary Ford

  7. Hoping to do a post on this on my own blog! I will link to yours if I do it. You have a wonderful blog here!

  8. I had no idea that was you there yesterday! I have visited your blog many times in the past for Little Flowers information, and while I was there watching your boys up there with my oldest, and I was thinking they looked so familiar and couldn't figure out why, and I was talking to your husband and Norman about the music, all this time you were there and we never met! I will plan to come up with Father next time and hopefully get to meet you in April. I know Father Adam expressed the desire to provide Latin Mass for your wonderful parish more often, so prayers for that to happen are a must!

    1. Oh, how funny! Yes, please do introduce yourself next time! :)


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