Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beignets and Baby's First Steps...

 ... on Shrove Tuesday! 

Our Mardi Gras Beignets recipe is over at Catholic Cuisine...

... and it looks like somebody might be giving up crawling for Lent!

(If you are reading a feed, click over to watch the video!) 


  1. Oh boy, he certainly looks ready!! Now how did your little Bud get so big already?
    I just love his cheering section. ;-)

    I hope you have a blessed Lent!

  2. so precious! Our little guy is not quite there yet, but close =) I like what Lori (above comment) said: his cheering section =) that's exactly what these little ones in our families are. So blessed!

  3. How sweet Jessica! Love watching him make his first steps! Brings back memories when my son was that little. Enjoy these precious moments. God bless!

  4. What a cutie! Love seeing him take his first steps!

  5. I love how he doesn't even realize that what he is doing is something so exciting for everyone else. Congratulations, little one!


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