Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Our Jesse Tree with all of the Ornaments


I'm so happy that I ended up ordering this cute little chair as a Christmas gift for Bud... 

He hasn't been sitting still long enough to use it much yet, but Rose absolutely loves it!  


A little conversation with my sister on Christmas Eve:

Julianna (while picking up this statue):  "Awww!  This is so cute!! Did you paint it?"
Me: "Ummm.... No.  You did!"  
Julianna:  "Oh!  I thought it looked familiar!" 

(She painted it for us back in November of 2000.  Just over 12 years ago, when she was only 12!)


One of the big boys' favorite gifts were the Dwarf Hoods from The Fig and Thimble that they found tucked into the toes of their stockings!

They have been having so much fun with them...
Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window to see this and this:

"We are transporting our food and provisions down the side of the cliff!"

I ordered another hood to give to one of the girls, but I probably should have purchased one for Snuggles too.  Maybe for his birthday in June.  He improvised, creating a "hood" from one of his own sweaters, tucking the sleeves inside and pinning it under his chin!

Oh, and his sword was another awesome Etsy find, from Nadja's Etsy store Frost Lane

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  1. Awesome swords & hoods! And a beautiful Jesse Tree :)
    Wishing you & your family a Blessed New Year!!

  2. The boys look great! Love those Fig & Thimble hoods! A happy, holy and healthy New Year to yo and yours...

  3. I love those hoods, and the Jesse Tree - it is on my 'to do' list before Christmas of 2013. I made ornaments out of juice can lids in the 90's that have held us for a very long time - they have finally been retired! I love the pattern you share and plan to duplicate it!

  4. What great gifts.

    I love the Jesse tree. Maybe if I start the ornaments now they will actually be ready for next advent:)

  5. Oh my boys would love playing swords with your boys!! Looks like so much fun. I'm going to show my boys this picture tomorrow!

  6. This is so fun to see our hoods 'in action'! Thanks for posting all these great pictures. And I love the provisions transport! Very cool.
    Rose looks like such a little lady in that chair. And that's too funny about the statue. :-)

  7. Excellent hoods! And I love their game with the box -- getting across the river, eh?

  8. The hoods and swords are now seriously on my list for next year. ;)

    Great chair find! My sister has one for her girls and when we visited at Thanksgiving, my youngest totally took it over.


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