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{pretty, happy, funny, real} :: 35th Birthday Edition

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Pretty birthday flowers from my husband, who is still in Arizona on training... Only one more week until he will be home again!


Despite Sean being out of town, he and my family made sure I had a very happy birthday!  The kids decorated a cake and even took pictures of the process.   My Mom came over the day before with a gift card to my favorite coffee drive through, a new book I've been wanting to read, and a Cobb Salad from my favorite restaurant, since she was leaving for Hawaii  early on the 16th to go help my sister for a few weeks.  (My sister has been really sick and spent some time in ICU recently.  Please keep her in your prayers!) 

Instagram Photo taken by my sister Julianna

My Aunt came over and made dinner and drinks for everyone, including my Dad, brother Brian and his family (who surprised me with a gift card to our new Trader Joe's!), my sister Julianna, my brother Kevin, and my youngest brother David (who turned 17 the day before my birthday, which was the age I still was the day he was born!).  It was such a fun night!  

Me and My Seven Sweeties
David, My Dad, My Niece, and My Kiddos
Way too many candles... 

Of course, the kids made me wait until after I had blown out all the candles to open the gifts that Sean had left in their care.   The girls had helped him pick out some new perfume, and the boys helped pick out a gift at Best Buy!  I'm so excited!!  I've been balancing the laptop on top of the treadmill to help me get through all the time I've been spending on there, and this will be so much better!  Yes, they really did spoil me this year!

So tired, but very happy and very blessed! 


No, I'm not going to show you the picture of my blowing out all those candles! ;)

On Tuesday night, the girls and I stopped at a few different stores to look for a special cake pan I wanted to try and find at the last minute.  I had thought that I would make myself a gluten free persimmon spice cake, and this was a good excuse to buy that beautiful cathedral bunt pan I mentioned  wanting to purchase for the next feast of St. Thomas Becket!  We didn't have any luck finding the pan locally and I ended up just asking the girls if they would like to pick out decorations to decorate their own cake for me instead!   They had so much fun making their selections, and then I couldn't believe it when we got home to find the very pan we were looking for sitting on the porch, sent as a gift from a very sweet friend!   So, I had two birthday cakes this year!  And it was a good thing too, with all the family that ended up coming over... We only had a couple pieces left! 

A couple days before my birthday my sister Julianna asked what I wanted "if money wasn't an option..."  I told her, "to not be turning Advanced Maternal Age!" ;)   In an effort to help me feel younger, she filled a box with healthy treats including Organic fair for life Dark Chocolate, Coconut Water, Rain Water, Trident Vitality Gum, and Refreshing Burt's Bee's Lip Balm!  


My sister, sister-in-law, and Twinkle Toes took more pictures, but the rest just make me want to go climb back on the treadmill!  Yikes!  Instead I am going to show you a picture from my 1st birthday.  (You can see more childhood birthday memories here.)

I showed this picture to the kids the other night and they all thought that Bud looks just like me as a baby, if you ignore the dress and the bow!  What do you think?

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  1. praise God for your beautiful and blessed birthday. sean was with you all the way!!!

    you have much to thankful for (including your body - wink).

    may He continue to shower you with His abundant grace as you continuing to live a life worth living - all for Him!

    pax, Lena

  2. It looks like you had a lovely birthday despite your hubby being away. Happy belated birthday! I'll be joining you in the "advanced maternal age" department in a few more months, of course The Scooter Store and AARP think I'm already well past that based on the amount of mail I get from them!

    I think Bud bears a pretty strong resemblance to your baby picture.

  3. It always a blessing to get older, even though it doesn't always feel like one. Looks like you had a very happy and blessed birthday!

  4. LOVE your 1st bday photo. Your parents barely looked old enough to have kids in that photo. You were a cutie (dress and bow add to the cuteness) & I agree Bud does look just like you! Happy Birthday. May God Bless you abundantly this year!

  5. So wonderful that family stepped in to make your day special! I really enjoyed this birthday version of {pretty, happy, funny, real}!! Yes, Bud does look just like you minus the yellow dress and bow!

  6. Oh, my goodness!! Bud looks exactly like you did!! (MINUS THE BOW!)

    so happy you had such a wonderful birthday--you deserve it! God bless you!

  7. So happy you had a great birthday - you deserve it! And yes, Bud looks like you or you like Bud ;)

  8. Happy birthday! You are one exceptional mama, Jessica; God bless you! Yes,Bud looks like you as a baby...and your brother David looks a lot like your sons--there's some strong genetics going there!

  9. Happy birthday! Love the photo of you as a baby! That bean bag dolly in the background--I had one just like it! And don't worry, "advanced maternal age" isn't the worst thing the Ob-gyn's call you when you get to your mid 30's--try "elderly grand multipara", lol!

  10. Hello !

    Happy birthday from a french reader who likes your blog :) :) I'm born january 19, 1996, and I think that january is the best month of the year !

    PS : Sorry for the mistake, I don't speak english, thanks to Google translate !


  11. Do you really struggle with depression?You are always so smiley and upbeat.If its any comfort, Jessica, I think every mom out there [especially with the isolation involved in homeschooling] struggles with sadness. I TRULY believe its the devil's tool these days. I'm your of 9...its my nature to be a smiley, happy person..but the ''sadness struggle'' does lurk. [I don't call it depression..its sadness....a smoldering gray sadness that tries to enter my soul...] I would recommend a little booklet which helps me..''QUADRUPANI, LIGHT AND PEACE'' SOLD BY TAN BOOKS. Saint Francis De Sales has really good advice in ''INTRODUCTION TO THE DEVOUT LIFE'' ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT, ALSO. Heart-to-heart talk with Jesus and His Blessed Mother are my Mass, sacraments. Thank God for the Catholic Faith!! I notice my moods GREATLY affect my I really try to stay cheerful,positive and calm the best I can. I'm in my last 2 weeks of pregnancy me, it takes a lot to keep a smiley face in these last days of waiting...but God always supplies the grace.When I'm happy, my kids are happy. My husband is a doll...I've got lots to be grateful for.
    You were a DOLLBABY!..Bud looks like you!
    I'm praying for you, Jessica..I know you miss your husband!Hang in there: ) from Pa

  12. woops..I'm 37...not 35

  13. Happy birthday, Jessica! It looks like it was a lot of fun, even without your hubby. Bud does look just like you!

  14. I was looking at your old pics...your oldest girl looks an awful lot like your mom! :) I have a few years on you. My last two have been "AMA" babies. My doc doesnt care, but the techs and nurses make me feel like a pregnant dinosaur,ha!

  15. Happy birthday, sweet Jessica! You have a wonderful family and a beautiful life! You are blessed! +JMJ+

  16. Happy Birthday! 35 now seems so young to me!!! I am old.

    Looks like you had a good time! Love the kids around you. Best pic evah.

  17. Happy birthday to you Jessica, from me Jessica. I just got and iPad gift too. It's soo nice. Enjoy!

  18. Your birthday looks so joy-filled and happy! What a caring family you have!

  19. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!

  20. Oh what a wonderful birthday! God bless you Jessica!!


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