Friday, December 21, 2012

A Winter ONEderland Birthday Party!

"HOW quickly the TIME has COME!
Our little snow man just turned ONE!"

On Wednesday we celebrated our little man's 1st birthday! Originally I had planned to invite all our extended family to this party, but since we had just had a big "Sound of Music themed" birthday party a few days before for his big sister, and since my mom and brother left for a golf tournament in Georgia on Wednesday, we decided to keep this first birthday party to just our immediate family.  It ended up being for the best since I came down with a bad cold.  Thankfully I had wrapped his gifts and picked up a few decorations ahead of time, and on Tuesday afternoon I had made a couple of little birthday banners.  I made the kids Snowman Pancakes for Breakfast and somehow managed to decorate the cake, but that was going to be it, until my older boys stepped in to take over the rest of the snacks for our little party!   They did a great job and everything look so cute... and, of course, I still took plenty of pictures!



I love how a few themed foods really add to the party atmosphere!  

Peppermint Cocoa 
with Snowmen, Gingerbread Men and Snowball Marshmallows

Lindt Chocolate Snowmen

Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzel Snowflakes

Snowflake Crackers

Ice Cubes (Inspiration found here)

Oreo Snowman made by Captain
white chocolate covered Oreos with mini M&M's mini Chocolate Chips 
and an Orange Sprinkle for the nose

Olive Penguins (Inspiration found here made by Captain

Snow Globe Sandwiches (Inspiration found here made by Captain & Rascal

Blizzardy Pasta with White Béchamel sauce
and Baby Carrots (Snowman Noses!) 



When I ran across the cute Snowman Cake made by Bird On A Cake, I knew I wanted to try it for this birthday party.

Mine didn't  turn out as cute as I had envisioned, partially because I was in a hurry and didn't spend much time making the snowmen, and added all the details first before filling them in with white candy, instead of adding them after.   (I used various sizes of this snowman, piping the melted candy onto parchment paper - 1st the hat, scarf, and details, followed by the white bodies.   Once they had hardened I peeled them off and put the flat/back side facing out around the cake.)

Still, I thought it did turn out cute and added to our Winter ONEderland Theme!  


Bud loved his cake, though he couldn't figure out how to blow out that candle... 

He had plenty of help! 

He loved his cake... So much he even licked the plate!   Silly boy! 


I wrapped up lots of little gifts for the birthday boy to open... 

The first was the darling stackable snowman from his Godparents, who also sent him the adorable penguin hat!  After that it was all we could do to take away the new "hammer" and get him to open another gift!  Yep, the snowman was a HIT! ;)

Next he opened his Wheely Bug... A new little "Bull" for this little Texas cowboy of ours to ride!

After that he opened his own little nativity set.  Rose kept getting upset each time she set it up for him and he'd take it apart, placing all the figures into the stable!  

Since he loves our various stacking blocks, I also found him these adorable wooden tree puzzle blocks and some little woodland animals.   (Yes, that gift was more for me than for him, but he still liked it!) 

Before bed we all enjoyed reading Snowmen at Work and Snowmen at Night!  

Happy 1st Birthday! 


  1. You know you need to write a book on themed parties, right? You did a wonderful job, and your boys filling in for you, how awesome of them!! It turned out super. I hope you are feeling better by Christmas and that no one else gets it....a couple kiddos of mine had fevers today...hope nothing becomes of it. Simeon's birthday is tomorrow, because of his lack of palate, we're making a Tres Leche theme here, just a get better theme!! Maybe next year I'll copy your snowman theme, I suppose it doesn't rhyme with "two" though...

    Happy birthday to your sweet baby boy!

  2. Happy birthday, Bud! Everything looks wonderful. You and the kids did a great job! Feel better!

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  4. What a great party! My little guy turns 1 on Dec. 29th and I think I might copy your ideas. I also think it is so cool that your older boys helped you! I have 3 sons and I hope they become cheerful helpers as they get older too (they are 3, 5 and 11 months now). I really enjoy your blog - God Bless you!

  5. This is the cutest 1st birthday theme ever. Your boys did such a great job, they learned from the best. Hope you were able to enjoy it a bit, even with your cold. Feel better and God bless.

  6. What an adorable ~ and special ~ 1st birthday party! I second the comment really could write a book :)
    Your cake turned out so cute - and how wonderful to have helpers (your boys did a great job!!)
    Hope you are able to rest & get well before Christmas :/
    Blessings to you and your sweet family!! Happy 1st Birthday, Bud!

  7. Oh quelle belle journée, votre blog me rempli de joie ! Je suis heureuse de voir tant de sourires c'est tellement mieux , et cela fait du bien ! Je suis heureuse pour vous et votre famille de voir votre si grand bonheur !
    votre amie de France

  8. We have that Little People Nativity set, too! I think we got it for Christmas when my daughter turned 2. We still put it out and she's 7 now - she's getting the Playmobil one this year!

    Great theme, too! He sure did love his presents and cake! My daughter had to wait until her 3rd birthday to be able to eat cake - she had delayed motor skill developments with eating.... :(

    Hope you feel better soon and the family stays healthy for Christmas!


  9. Jessica, just a quick question. I have noticed the neat wooden puzzles that you have been getting for the little ones, I was wondering if you had any advice on getting them on sale. They seem pretty pricey, but I think they would make great gifts for my niece and nephew. Thanks.

    1. Yes, they are expensive. I have bought ours slowly over the years... The tree puzzle that Bud received was purchased with a Magic Cabin gift certificate. (I had a promo for a free $50 with $50 purchase and then when I redeemed my gift certificate with another email promo they gave me another $50 gc!! I ended up ordering $150 worth of toys for just over $50 plus shipping. It was an amazing deal.) I also purchased some of the first ones from a website that is no longer online. They had discounted prices and were awesome. I was so sad when they went out of business..

  10. I daresay, you are a one woman wonder! Your house must feel like Party Central these days :) Just wondering: do you plan to make a birthday cake for baby Jesus? I'd like to, but it would be ambitious. I'm tired after just one batch of cookies. lol

  11. This is fabulous! My daughter is turning 16 next month, and I have been looking for ideas for her party. We are already putting in a temporary ice rink in our back yard (this sounds complicated, but it really isn't. My husband is installing it, and all we needed was wood, rink liner, and water. Also, we may need to get a chiller rental if it isn't cold enough), but we haven't decided on how to decorate or what to serve for the inside festivities. I realize your party is for a child, but I think the snow globe sandwiches and olive penguins will translate well for young adults. I am going to show this to my daughter and husband. Thanks for the inspiration. Such wonderful ideas! Be blessed and well.


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