Thursday, November 8, 2012

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I still haven't had a chance to put together a post from our All Saints Party, but here are a few more pictures taken by our friend Marc.  (I just need to hire him to be our permanent photographer!)


My beautiful little "Therese" all ready for the party! 


Can you believe how well he is healing?!?  Deo Gratias!


You are just going to have to imagine the picture that was taken right in between these two...  It is one that she is not going to "luv-uh!" when she is older!  ;)


Even "St. Therese" needs to eat...

... and, yes, that is me drinking a much needed margarita and enjoying the party!

*All the pictures in this post were taken by our friend Marc and posted with permission. 

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  1. GORGEOUS pictures and happy to hear that you got to enjoy the party too. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Beautiful! Your friend is a very talented photographer. But your kids are always cute, no matter what!

  3. If Marc travels, tel him to visit VT!!!!! His pictures are wonderful! Rose is soooooo beautiful!

    Got any margarita mix still around - I'll be over for cocktail hour! :)

  4. I still have plenty left, come on over! :)

    Marc really is a very talented photographer and cinematographer, and I do believe he travels if you are ever in need of someone for an event! (though VT is a little far!)

  5. He is also the same friend that did all the video and editing for Healthy Families: Safe Children!

    1. You can also see some of the clips that have our kiddos in them here:

      Healthy Families: Safe Children - On Parenting

      They are all SO little!!

    2. I'll be over at 5pm for cocktails! ;)

      And your videos are GREAT!!!!! Yes, the kids are SOOOOO little there!! Wonderful photography! I'm a movie buff and LOVE LOVE LOVE cinematography - thought about being one, but alas.... God had other plans! :) Marc is VERY talented!!!!

  6. kiddos are trying hard to guess what was in the missing photo :0) Your Rose is just too sweet - what a beautiful little Therese!

  7. She is so expressive. Beautiful costume.

  8. It was a lovely party! And you had so many wonderfulo photographers there too! Thankfuylly, since my camera died right before we left.

  9. As always, beautiful, wonderful pics -- and impossibly cute kids -- and beautiful, creative, industrious momma. Jessica, I am a long time reader who is always amazed at all
    you do. Love you and your beautiful family!!!


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