Friday, November 2, 2012

Our 7th Annual Mass at the Cemetery...

... on the feast of All Souls!


  1. I think this is absolutely wonderful that a Mass at a local cemetery is offered on the Feast of the Holy Souls! Likewise, it is a blessing that your older boys can serve and all your children attend (and seem very well behaved!) to pray for the souls in Purgatory! This custom seems to have "died" with Vatican II. I wish that my parish or local area offered such an opportunity. My daughter and I regularly go to a cemetery to offer out noontime prayers/devotions for the dead - another custom that has "died", generally speaking (and unfortunately she has been sick this last week plus, so no getting out for prayers).

    One can receive a partial indulgence for prayers/devotions for the dead when visiting a cemetery for the whole month of November (and I believe for the entire year).

    Please pray for the Holy Souls - they need our prayers!!!!

  2. Your family is an amazing testimony to the beauty of our faith. I believe you are raising our future saints!!
    Blessings, Michelle

  3. Just wanted to mention... Another great way to incorporate the November devotion to the Holy Souls in Purgatory is for the kids to listen to some Requiem Masses. Since yours are studying Latin now and music is part of their curriculum (and an important aspect of the Church), picking out some requiem Masses for them to listen to and learn would be a great devotion. There are so many Masses one COULD choose - my favorites are Duruflé (based on plainsong chants), Fauré, Mozart...

    I'm sure you can get them for download via iTunes or something like that quite easily. I've sung these Masses many times over the years and they are absolutely wonderful for this time of year's devotional customs!

    God Bless!

  4. Hi where did you buy the little lace scarves for the little girls?

  5. This is such a beautiful custom. I wish we had something like that here!


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