Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fire Camp, a Greek Orthodox Monastery, and a New Book

I was just uploading pictures from our small point-and-shoot camera and ran across some that my husband took at fire camp a couple months ago.  It reminded me about the picture book I wanted to share with you all, which he picked up on his way home!

While driving home he ran acroos a Greek Orthodox Monastery and Gift Shop in Washington State and decided to stop and look for a couple gifts to bring home.

He especially loved the icon pictured above, but ended up deciding on some amazingly delicious coffee and pastries. He also brought home a picture book, Saint Catherine by Dionysios & Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis (imported from Greece), to give to one of our daughters on November 25th, her name-day!  (Love him!!)

I pre-read it earlier this evening, and even though it is written from the Greek Orthodox perspective (versus Roman Catholic) I really enjoyed the story and the way the authors presented the beauty of martyrdom.  The illustrations are gorgeous and I am looking forward to reading it to the children.  (I have been eyeing a couple of the other books from this author/publisher, especially Saint Christopher and My Warrior Saints, but they are rather expensive...)

UPDATE:  The Author/Publisher has generously offered FREE SHIPPING and a 10% discount to my visitors!  Just mention "Found you under Shower of Roses!"   Visit Potamitis Publishing to place an order!

Like our Lucia, Saint of Light book, I also happened to find the Audio Version of Saint Catherine available online!  Here are the links for anyone who would like to listen to the story:

Additional ideas for celebrating the upcoming feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria can be found in the archives or under the St. Catherine of Alexandria label over at Catholic Cuisine.   


  1. What a beautifully illustrated book! My little guy would probably love the book on warrior saints, but you're right they are rather pricey.

  2. Oh it is what on the second photo? Small bottles? They are too too beautiful! I always like your blog, I kiss you marylin of FRANCE

  3. This publisher, it is a family endeavor!! They are amazing people. The mom is amazing artist. You might have noticed that the quality of the books, the binding, the pages,the illustration are superb, so the price I think is just plus I think you get free shipping. It is a great time to support establishments like that!!!

    1. It really is, Dessi, and I actually was thinking of writing and asking if you had seen these books! I'm glad to hear that you and your children love them!

  4. Beautiful shop, hoping that I somehow run into a Greek Orthodox Monastary. The books are gorgeous. They are definitly something to keep in the back of my mind. How were the pastries?

  5. That book is amazing! How beautiful!

    That shop looks amazing. I bet he is so glad he stopped!

  6. Warrior Saints, is amazing!!! My boys love it, love it....

  7. I know this isn't the same book but it is a similar Catholic version and is on sale at Abe books for about $12.

    Also, the publisher of the My Warrior Saints book has all kinds of interesting things on its website, inlcuding a link to read the book online in its entirity.,com_flippingbook/book_id,10/

    1. I was looking at that link last night and meant to come back and add it this morning. I wondered if someone would beat me to it! :)

      The author/publisher has graciously offered FREE SHIPPING and a 10% DISCOUNT to any of my readers that would like to order copies directly from Greece!

    2. How do we go about ordering it? That's a great deal.

    3. I believe you just visit their website, order as usual and then they will "refund 10% of any amount spent on our website to anyone who while ordering will under comments write "Found you under Shower of Roses!"

      You can also call their US phone number (410) 734-2771.

      Hope that helps!

  8. I'm sorry for the series of posts, but I just realized that the book I posted has a shipping price of $20 from England, ugh. I am thinking I may need to write my own book.:)

  9. IC XC
    NI KA

    Heartfelt thanks to you dear in Christ Author of Shower of Roses, and Husband, for naming your daughter after our wonderful Saint Catherine.
    Thank you, also, for being so brave to visit the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner, a Monastery that supports our ministry from the very beginning, five years ago. Aren't the nuns there just some of the friendliest Christians you've met? I was so blessed to have met one of them here in Athens, and then many more of them last July in Arizona, and I still have their sweetest smiles in my heart. Their cookies were as good as my late paternal grandma used to make them, too.

    To the comments about the prices, as a kind sister posted above, the prices, on, include shipping all the way from Greece.

    Thus, a copy of our book "Saint Catherine" including a CD, both of which are made in Greece, by Christian families, and not by communists in China, will cost to anyone of you US$20 to get from our humble premises in the town of Agios Demetrios, Attica, Greece, Europe, to the front door of your blessed abode :)

    No, actually, my wife in Christ Ekaterine just decided to refund 10% of any amount spent on our website to anyone who while ordering will under comments write "Found you under Shower of Roses!":)

    So, a copy of "Saint Catherine" including CD, will cost you $18.- If you find that expensive, give me a call on our US number 410-734-2771, and I'll ship the book to you free of charge, in exchange of prayers, for our family, our parish, and our ministry.

    All the best in Christ to all of you, and especially to anyone in your families named after Saint Catherine.

    If anyone of you visits the Monastery again, please, give our regards to the nuns, and to their beautifully wise in Christ Abbess.
    Dionysios Potamitis
    Potamitis Publishing
    US phone number #410-734-2771

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind and generous offer for my readers here at Shower of Roses! I actually visited your website last night after publishing this post and meant to come back and include the link this morning, but it looks like it has already been added above. :)

      I hope I didn't imply in any way that the books were not worth the cost, just that it will take time for me to add them all to our ever growing collection! They are beautiful hardcovers, extremely well made, include the CD, and worth every penny!

      My husband did tell me about how friendly the sisters at the Monastery were to him during his visit! And yes, the pastries he brought home were very, very good!

      Thank you again, and may God bless you and your family!

  10. Hi Jessica, what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. You know, I love icons. In fact, one tradition our family has is to give an icon of our child's namesake for their baptism -- and then we record the dates of their sacraments on the back. I will keep this place in mind when thinking of books. Our traditional Catholic school rents space from one of the Greek Orthodox parishes in our area. It is a beautiful church with beautiful sacred art. It's such a gift to have the children able to be exposed to the iconography regularly.

    1. My boys all have icons from their baptisms, except for the baby, and I love the idea of listing their sacraments on the back. I need to start looking for icons of my girls' patron saints.


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