Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday {Christmas 2004}

*It looks like it was 2004!  We had so much fun looking through old photos trying to figure it out. 


  1. Love the old photos!!! Oh, if you knew then what you know now, huh?

  2. I love your blog,
    god bless

    marylin from FRANCE

  3. As I humbly reveal the state our family prayer did/do you keep your TWO YEAR OLD kneeling?? We can't even keep our two year old in the same room! If we can keep our three year old on the same piece of furniture we feel like it's a good effort. We can't even keep our six year old kneeling at Mass and it's no wonder we've been chasing her brothers or taking them our of Mass since she was two and a half. We even played "teach Mommy how to act at Mass" before Mass on election day, they did great at the game but it was still a serious struggle. BTW We have a girl, 6, boy, 3 1/2, boy 2(screamer/runner), and boy 3 months. I need to know your secret!

    1. lol...i was wondering that too. We have finally mastered the family rosary. But there is no kneeling. We all sit, and everyone big enough sits with someone on their lap. :)

    2. We have always prayed the rosary together, since before we had children. It really doesn't take long, only 15-20 minutes, and we have found that even little ones can participate and behave most of that time, if not all - though you probably noticed that our 1 year old IS walking around with her dolly in that picture! :)

      Usually everyone kneels and I sit on the couch nursing or holding the baby. (She had been in my lap until I decided to take a picture. I don't have many of us praying the rosary, just a few from over the years.)

      My husband always tells the children before each decade what the mystery is and opens the page in the prayer book with a corresponding picture. If the children have something to focus on they are much more willing to participate and behave.

      Our little Rose will sit on the couch next to me moving her roses for each prayer to and from her basket. It is so precious! (Once again, she is behaving because she has a "job" to do, something to focus on.)

      The same is true at Mass. We don't allow the kids to have snacks or toys during Mass, but they do have their Mass bag that is filled with various prayer books. Of course, I often have to take the baby out, but the rest of the kids know that they better behave (or no donut afterwards! ;). When we are at daily Mass, if I need to leave with the baby, I can easily leave the rest of the kids in the pew and they will continue to pay attention to the Mass.

      We DO attend more than just on Sundays though - for awhile we were going nearly every day and now we usually go on Friday's as well. So they have had lots of "practice". :)

  4. Oh Jessica! Captain's face in that first photo!! I am dying! So precious!

  5. Loved seeing these photos, Jessica. What precious family memories. They grow up too fast!

  6. I can see Snuggles in your son #2. Very similar, especially from the side and when his eyes were cast down. Same goes for Rose. I can see her in your daughter's photo...the last photo.

  7. "Who was the baby then?" was the question a great-aunt always used to ask when trying to put a date to some event!
    Jessica, thankyou, thankyou SO MUCH for sharing a part of your life and your lovely photos with us. To see the pictures of your All-Hallows Eve party just felt like being there! Your blog enriches my life and those of my adult daughters. Every blessing to you and your family, from Valerie [NZ].


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