Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Hi Jessica!
    I have seen this done before! Is this to make small little octopus? Sweet picture! =)

  2. I had seen it a number of times too, but didn't think it was something I would make... I thought it looked pretty gross! ;) One night (I took this picture last month) I didn't have much left to choose from and noticed the packages of hotdogs and spaghetti so I decided to try it. The kids LOVED it! Snuggles kept saying things like "this is goining to taste So Good... Mom we should make this every day...Oh wow this is going to be good!" It was funny! I even caught him trying to sneak a bite of noodle before they were cooked. lol I'll have to make them again - maybe during O week for Octopus? :)

  3. Okay, I'm sorry. Your boy looks delicious but the hot-spaghetti-things? Ummm...notsomuch. ;) Hee.

  4. lol! Hey Jessica, if you make them again, show the after picture. I have a family hodge podge recipe, you know the ones we just make up as we go along and then get moved from family to family recipes.. tee hee...

    The recipe is hotdogs with elbow macaroni together and the other is elbow macaroni mixed with scramble eggs and (turkey) bacon. The kids add parmesan cheese to it and they rave about it when I make it. I sometimes add a vegetable that I have on hand to make up for the food groups. ;) I have made it so many times... we call it Monkey pasta for some reason. lol... but it's a quick meal when I am in a pickle and the kids enjoy it.

    I can't wait to see O week for Octopus! I wish I could afford the books this year that you are using. My library doesn't carry all the books you post. Praying that they get some of your suggested books.

    blessings to you and your family! =)

    1. Yes, Sarah, I pretty much had the same reaction the first time I saw them, when my sister posted a picture of her kids eating the ones she made for them... I thought "eeeewwwww, poor kids!!" But for some reason my kids all loved them! Crazy!

      I didn't get a picture of them after, Jackie... they look even worse at that point! ;)


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