Friday, October 12, 2012

State-by-State Scrapbook :: Louisiana

P is for Pelican
The Pelican is a funny bird - 
It catches its food in a pouch,
and when it's stuffed with a heavy load,
I'll bet that poor bird says "Ouch!"
  ~ P is for Pelican: A Louisiana Alphabet

.: Louisiana by Captain :.

.: Louisiana by Rascal :.

*The links to the worksheets used for these notebook pages can be found here, and here is the link to all of our State-by-State Study posts.


  1. Nice. It's funny because I had a dream last night that we ran into each other at the mall, which is crazy on so many levels. First of all, we live 3,000 miles apart and secondly, I don't think either one of us are people who frequent the mall. I have a feeling you do most of your shopping on amazon like me. Funny the tricks your mind plays when you are asleep. Thanks for all the posts.

  2. Oh that is funny! But how fun would it be to run into you?! Maybe someday! :) Though I'm thinking I probably wouldn't recognize you without a name tag! ;)

    I actually do shop at our "mall" - though usually it is just in and out, going to Gymboree (kids clothes), Famous Footwear (for shoes), Clas E Professor (Educational Toys) and Motherhood when I'm pregnant! :) And, yes, the majority of my shopping is done through Amazon (and at Costco).

  3. How do you put a "tag" on your name anyway?

  4. Yes, that does sound funny, doesn't it!


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