Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Rose was so cute opening her little Name-day gift... "It's a Saint-uh!" she said, as soon as she was able to peek past the tissue paper.  "It's St. Therese-uh!"  (This cute little Pixie of ours adds "uh" to the end of just about every sentence-uh.)


Translation:  Dear Mom and Dad, Happy Anniversary!  I love you so much. 13 years of you two married. We all love you. Good night you two.  Sleep well.  Love, "Chiquita"  (age 7)

Yes, I may outweigh my husband at the moment... But not by that much! It look's like that crazy bride is shaking the groom!  lol  Hmmmm...  I think she was inspired by this picture:

Still... I just love all the (unique) cards that our kids make us on special occasions, and sometimes just because.   Such treasures! 


Bud loved checking out the gift we gave Snuggles on his Name-day.  It was actually a birthday gift that had been forgotten in my closet!  A starry sky works for the feast of St. Michael, right?

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  1. Our soon-to-be 4yr old also adds 'uh' to everything "mommy-uh" She also had a name-day with Saint Therese, and seems to have the same temperament as Rose from your postings. These two are going to meet at summer camp someday and the nuns should be forewarned! Susan Poe

  2. I love the doll!!!:) My little rose collect everything Saint Therese!!!

  3. Love the cards! I read once that kids will make really big the really big people in their lives. SO since you are with her the most, she drew you big. The first thing I thought was that the dress is big, the bride always stands out and you WERE beautiful! (STILL ARE)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you are still celebrating your special day and the beginning of such a beautiful family. I love the cards! I like how the illustration makes it look as if the two of you have a good hold on each other, and aren't ever going to let go.

  5. Happy Anniversary and happy Nameday! Where did you get the St. Therese doll?

  6. It was (most appropriately! lol) from St. Anne's Pixies!

    Here's the link: Saint Therese of Lisieux Wooden Figure

  7. I agree with Jamie, you should be honored to be big! Also we have one of those turtles. My kids LOVE it. They call it their star-lighter.

  8. This our third! The girls have the cute pink ladybug in their room and Rose & Bud have the classic version in their room. I was just telling Hubby that now we need one for OUR ROOM! ;) They are so neat!!

  9. The cards are so precious. <3

  10. You know, it occurs to me that you are going about this weight management thing the hard way...if you want to weigh less than hubby, maybe you should shift your focus to fattening up your husband, hehe...doesn't that sound easier? ;)

  11. I know it!!! I think he even weighs less now (by a couple pounds) than he did when we got married... I try my best, but he spends most of his days hiking around the mountains, burning off WAY too many calories... I just can't compete with that! ;)

  12. Happy Nameday & Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful wedding photo!


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