Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Blessings Handprint Tree

One of the themes we studied Along the Alphabet Path for the letter "B" was Blessings. And what a perfect fall time theme, with Thanksgiving right around the corner!   At first I was going to have him get started making this year's Thankful Tree, but since I didn't have quite enough time for that I came up with this quick and simple craft.   He had made something similar for his Valentine's Day Cards earlier this year, he just made fall colored "leaves" and added a few of his "Blessings" to the "Branches!"

My Blessings Handprint Tree


  • Construction Paper 
  • Finger Paint (Brown and various colors for the leaves)
  • White Paint Pen

1. Cover hand and arm (up to the elbow) with brown finger paint.   With fingers spread apart, press against paper to form the tree and branches. 

2. Using various colors of finger paint and your thumb, make leaves for the tree.

3.  Let the paint dry.

4. Write five of your blessings on the branches of the tree with a white paint pen.  (Have mom help with the writing, if needed.) 

I'll be back with more of our "B" themed activities soon! 


  1. This is really cute! Even though the mess factor scares me, I bet my kids would love this. :)

  2. As an alternative to the mess - though it really wasn't that bad - would be to trace the hand/arm on a brown paper bag or brown construction paper. Then add the leaves, using paint, paper, or even stickers. I think it is pretty cute with the paint, though! :)

  3. I think I've done these before, seems totally like a "Jamie" craft--easy!!

    Snuggle's painting turned out great!


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