Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Carving our Saint-O-Lanterns ~ 2012

Carving our Saint-O-Lanterns at Uncle Brian's house this year!
I loved that we could make the mess outside this year, instead of in the dining room!  ;) 
Captain choose a Celtic Cross Pattern for his Pumpkin
Rascal choose to illustrate his own Crusader Shield
The girls took a "break" and let mom finish carving their pumpkin after it was cleaned out...
Captain let mom help finish his too, this year.   There were just too many distractions (uncles) around! 
Thankfully we didn't decide to carve one for each of our children this year! ;)
Twinkle Toes and Chiquita's "Praying after my First Holy Communion" Saint-O-Lantern
Captain's Celtic Cross
Rascal's Crusader Shield

or scroll through all our past Saint-O-Lanterns in the archives.  


  1. Beautiful pumpkins! We carved our first saint-o-lanterns yesterday, and "Mom" ended up finishing most of the pictures too, lol ;) Such a fun family time!

  2. They are great! I really need to get a set of those carving tools.

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for the ideas!


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