Thursday, September 20, 2012

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I think the Nature Notebook and Pencils that Twinkle Toes received (along with this Sketchbook) in her Schultüte this year are so pretty...  

... but my favorite part is all the fun names for the various colored pencils!   January Thaw, Westwind in February, Ruffled Feathers, April Snow, Screech Owl at Dusk, Smoky May Morning, Acorn Soup in November,  September Serenade...  Love them all!!!   


Science experiments make my kids very happy! One thing we tried this past week, during this year's study of Swimming Creatures, was blowing up a balloon inside a bottle, sealing the bottle, and then putting mom a lot of weight on the opposite end of the bottle to see how the balloon shrinks due to the air pressure.   Apparently this is what happens to our lungs when we go deep under water.  We recorded our observations in the each journal.


It may not have worked too well with our Gyre/Ocean Current experiment, but Rose sure had fun with the little personal fan.  

For our second "Try This" we saw how only one hair dryer (the wind) blew the cheerios (debris) in the "ocean" one direction. Adding a second wind from the opposite direction caused the cheerios to go in a circle - forming a miniature gyre.


The personal fans didn't work so good, so we pulled out a couple hair dryers (I happened to have an extra that was in a bag to donate, we dropped it off yesterday!) for the experiment above, but other than that I have been so thankful for the Zoology 2 Lab Kit!  It really makes all the difference between completing all of the fun activities and "just skipping that part."

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  1. Thank you so much for telling me about the kits. I agree with you. They are really adding to the enjoyment of the lessons.

  2. Hi Jessica!

    I am doing the same science with Sierra this fall. And we ordered the same kit. I was very excited when I saw how easy science will be this year because of that kit.

    Hope you kids enjoy it - Sierra is loving it already!


  3. I wish I had the job of naming colors...particularly paint chip colors :) I imagine lying on a couch with a cup of coffee in my pj's totally relaxed and eating something decadent while picking my brain with the name game! I want to be that person when I grow up :)

  4. This has nothing to do with your recent post, but I saw there was free Little House on the Prairie Lap Book ( from Homeschool Share and thought you' enjoy it!

  5. Love those nature journals and pencils - so sweet!

    I ordered the experiment kit for our Apologia books this year (LOL....I first read about the kits in one of your posts from last year!) and it has made all the difference in our science lessons, too! Looks like your kiddos are having lots of fun with their projects. :-)

    Blessings to you!


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