Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Flowers Bingo: Flowers & Gems {and other Printables!}

I thought it would be fun to play Bingo at Our Little Flowers Mother-Daughter Tea Party this year.  Instead of using the All Saints Bingo Cards I made last year for the All Saints Party we hosted, I made Bingo Cards using all the Flowers and Gems from the four Wreaths of Little Flowers.

* I started with the intent of making 30 printable cards, but stopped at 15 since that was all that I needed for our party.  If anyone is interested in more than 15, let me know and I will try and complete the set.  

The final two games we played during our Tea Party were a A-Z Quest of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from That Resource Site, and a Wreath IV Saints & Gifts Word Search, which I made real quick the night before the party.   Note to self:  Make sure to proof read the Word Search next time!  I had everyone looking for two "Catherine's" and the generator I used decided I only needed to use it once!  Oops! I've removed the second from the word list in the download.   :)

A-Z Quest of the Blessed Virgin Mary (no longer available)


  1. I absolutely love your bingo! We have a LFGC group here in Baton Rouge at Cypress Heights Academy and would love to use a bingo like yours at our tea this year. We have about 30 girls and would love to use your template. Can you tell me how you made them? Or could we get permission to use your cards?

  2. I love this! Could I get the complete 30 different cards for Bingo??

  3. Wondering if you finished the other 15 cards. If so, would you mind sharing with me for our upcoming tea? Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and handiwork! You are a blessing to many!!!

  4. Can you by any chance make the call cards bigger for this bingo OR the All Saints bingo? We have children that can't read and i think having the bigger picture will be helpful. If not I understand! Thanks Christinemadeline@gmail.com


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