Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tea Party Games :: A Cupcake Jigsaw Puzzle Race!

You all know that my family loves puzzles, right?   So of course I had to find a way to tie them into Our Little Flowers Girl's Club Mother-Daughter Tea Party this year!  ;)  When a friend of mine mentioned some small "Cupcake" games & puzzles she had seen at Barnes & Noble they sounded perfect!

I ended up purchasing a 4 pack of 60 Piece Puzzles and two 100 piece puzzles, since I couldn't decide whether to break the group into 3-4 teams or 2 teams, for a "Cupcake Puzzle Race."  When I gave the girls the option, they all wanted to go with Mothers versus Daughters!  I gave them first pick of the two 100 piece puzzles and they choose the white cupcake with the pink flower on top.

*Only a couple of the puzzles are currently available on Barnes & Noble online, and Amazon doesn't seem to have these particular cupcake puzzles either,  but they do have a few other options. I especially love these little Nature Puzzles.  

I put the moms at our train coffee table and set a card table up for the girls.   With a "Ready, Set, Go!" we started the race!  It was very close, but us moms did end up winning!

It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!  I'll definitely be keeping "Puzzle Races" in mind for future parties! 

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