Saturday, September 29, 2012

Celebrating Michaelmas

O glorious prince St. Michael, 
chief and commander of the heavenly hosts, 
guardian of souls, and vanquisher of rebel spirits,
thou who dost shine with excellence and superhuman virtue, 
vouchsafe to deliver us from all evil, 
who turn to thee with confidence, 
and enable us by thy gracious protection 
to serve God more and more faithfully every day. 

Sancte Michael, Ora pro nobis! 


  1. Inspired by you, we celebrated Michaelmas today. We usually never get to it because it is my daughter's birthday. But, this year I just had to. Especially since my son has developed such a love for St Michael. For the birthday cake, we make a devil's food cake and then let the kids take turns stabbing it with a sword we made out of cardboard and foil. I am so glad we did. It was very special, and a nice compliment to the birthday festivities. Thanks for all the great posts.

    1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I'm so glad it worked out to incorporate the feast day, how special for her!

  2. Also inspired by you, we celebrated Michaelmas for the first time this year. Such fun! Thank you for all the lovely ideas. :)

  3. Beautiful! Happy feast day to your little man! It's fun to have a Michael in the family. :)

    …can I just say that I was on the same wavelength with you. I just finished up my post and then checking on my post in google reader I scrolled through and saw yours. We picked the same post title and prayer! I even chose that prayer from the St. Michael Chaplet because I was trying to be deferent. Haha, Great minds think alike!. ;)

    1. Ha! That's suppose to be different not deferent.

  4. Too funny! I actually copied the prayer from one of the kids coloring books, before realizing it was part of the St. Michael Litany! As for the title... I'm so bad at coming up with creative titles... I think I have used "Celebrating Michaelmas" at least 4 times now, though I usually at least add the year to the end! lol I'm headed over to your blog now to check out your post! :)


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