Monday, September 10, 2012

A Votive Mass for Our Lady

This past Friday we were so very blessed with a Latin Votive Mass for Our Lady!  It was the first time Father Carmelo (a retired priest in our area) has agreed to offer Mass in Latin for us.  It wasn't the extraordinary form, but still so very beautiful and (as a friend mentioned) we must celebrate these small victories in our liberal diocese.

The little historic church, which usually just has our family and a handful of other people attending on Fridays, was packed on this particular weekday morning during the first week of school.   We also had the lovely local Schola Choir singing in the loft. Who says that there isn't enough interest in Latin Masses around here?!

Following Mass, the Legion of Mary invited us to stay for a little reception.  It was such a beautiful and joy filled morning!  We are hoping that Father will agree to offer Mass in Latin more often... Perhaps for our annual All Souls Mass this year?!?  :)

I spent the rest of Friday preparing for our Mother/Daughter Tea Party on Saturday, which was so much fun!  I have tons of pictures to share with you all, but they will have to wait... My online time is extra limited at the moment, while we work on establishing some good routines for our new school year.    I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh WOW, Jessica!!! How WONDERFUL this was for your community!!!! The chapel is lovely and what a blessing to be able to celebrate in this way for Mary! If your diocese is liberal, I think mine must be "extremely so"! I hope there will be more Latin at this chapel and what a treat to have the Schola singing, too! I've sung Latin Masses and motets since I was "young" and there is just something so beautiful about sacred music in Latin...

    Look forward to seeing your tea party pictures!

  2. How exciting!! The chapel IS gorgeous! I think you will be amazed how a priest that age will be drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass because of the enthusiasm of the parishioners...parishioners on short notice :-) Love it! Packed in! Proof!

  3. Hi Jessica, Keep the faith re. the Latin mass. We have quite a few here in a liberal area of California. Once they start, they take root and remain. Wonderful pictures! Julie

  4. How did I not know about this?? Wish we could have gone! I bet it was amazing.


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