Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's Travel Back to the World of the Vikings!

*This post has been sitting in my drafts folder since the fall of 2010...  I'm just going to post it now as is.  

What the Boys Read:
Who Were The Vikings
Vikings: Dress, Eat, Write and Play Like the Vikings
Leif the Lucky
Viking Raiders
Viking Ships At Sunrise

Our Family Read Alouds:
Founders of Freedom  Excerpts (suggested in Connecting With History Vol 3) Read by Dad & Mom during Dinner
Twelve Bright Trumpets Various Stories Read by Mom
Son of Charlemagne (with Hillsides Study Guide) Read by Daddy
Beorn the Proud (Living History Library) Read by Mom

Added to Timeline:
800 - Charlemagne is crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope St. Leo III
861 - Norsemen discover Iceland
903-935 - St. Wenceslaus, martyr and patron of Bohemia
962 - Pope John XII crowns Otto I the Holy Roman Emperor
c. 1000 - Leif Ericsson discovers North America

Make Viking Ship from Crayola

Worksheets and Coloring Pages:
Viking Worksheet (for my younger students)
Color Viking Warrior in Dover Coloring Book Knights And Armor (boys)

Other Reources:
BBC - Vikings
Nova Online

After studying the Vikings, Captain added the Playmobil Viking Longboat to the top of his "Christmas Wishlist"...  I was so disappointed to see that the Viking line had been discontinued! (Updated to add: He was very excited on Christmas morning.)


  1. So sweet!
    We're studying this area of history this year...going to check out a few of your resources (thanks for sharing!) :)

  2. Oh great! We just started the Vikings! Thanks for posting!
    :>) Marianne

  3. Brilliant - JUST found this!!!! It will come in very handy for next school year when we will be using RC's Connecting with History Vol. 2! I've wanted to find some ideas (in conjunction with the text suggestions).

    Thanks for posting this! I wonder what else is out there for the Celtics!

    I've created a lapbook for Ancient Rome - using some freebies online and creating some mini-books of my own, too. Ancient Rome is a big "unit" - covering part of Vol.1 and about half of Vol. 2!

    I love History! I also got the Map Trek geography series to use (Blackline is being replaced with those). My daughter LOVES geography, so I think having these maps for her notebooking will be really good! She's just about got all the US states memorized - location of them on the map and several world countries as well! I'm a map buff myself, so I can see why, right?! :)

    Good luck with Ancient Civilizations again for you all! We worked on that this year. Ancient Greece was the favorite - all the gods and myths and Ancient Egypt, too! Hope your kids have a blast with it again!



    1. I'd love to see what you came up with for your Ancient Rome Lap Book, if you ever have the time to send me a few pictures and/or links!

      I haven't used our copy of Blackline Maps yet and was wondering if I should sell it and purchase the Map Trek instead. Sonya at RC History said there was no need to do that though... How have you liked Map Trek?

      Did you have any favorite activities for Ancient Greece and Egypt? I'm looking forward to next year! (Though American History has been a blast too!)

    2. Oh, let me see if I can send you my documents for what I did with the Rome mini-books. They are general and would be good to use with Snuggles, or actually, with any of the kids - the older ones could do their own research. I used some freebies online as well. I also had my daughter do some coloring/copywork from our books for an Ancient Civilizations notebook - I just got some coloring pages free online. Two books from Sleeping Bear Press you should DEFINITELY GET (if you don't already have them): "Z is for Zeus: A Greek Mythology Alphabet" and "G is for Gladiator: An Ancient Rome Alphabet". These books were an absolute HIT with my daughter! We've read them MANY times to her as read-a-louds. Another book to get: "The Mythology Handbook: A Course in Ancient Greek Myths" by Lady Hestia Evens. If you don't already know about the "Fact Tracker" books from "Magic Tree House", those are BRILLIANT! There are ones for Ancient Greece, Egypt & Rome. They are GREAT and PERFECT for creating mini-books for lapbooks - simple "facts" that can easily be used for research and write in answers (or typed for the younger set). I think I have a few other books that are NOT listed on the RC CWH site, but these are the main ones that worked well for us!

      I haven't received the Map Trek set yet, but it DOES look really good and it said that it is good in that it has assignments for different levels/grades, so it can be better tailored for grade level work, unlike Blackline had, I understand. I did not use Blackline, so I was not having to invest in a new program.

      Of course Playmobile toys have been a BIG BIG BIG HIT and you can still get Ancient Egypt ones in the "Add-ons" section on their website. I also got the Old Testament Lapbook from Homeschool in the Woods and used some of those pages for my daughter's notebook. The lapbook was a bit too advanced for her this year but I plan to use it the next time around - it was perfect during Advent and the Jesse Tree! We did all that in conjunction with a book-a-day reading like you all and many other families do during Advent/Christmastide.

      Here's a pay option for an Egypt lapbook/scrapbook:

      We used much of the Ancient Egypt and Rome mini-books and some of the coloring/notebooking pages here:

      I will email you my Rome mini-book separately.

      We bought many of the books that RC History lists on their site for the Beginner's Level - as we are working in 1st grade this school year. So, you probably have many of those already and need to get the higher level ones now! :) Oh, DK Readers has an Atlantis: Lost City? reader book (level 4, I think). That might be a good option for your readers or as a read-a-loud. At the moment, my RC History Vol.2 order is in process of shipment, so don't have it yet.

      Hope this helps you with some info you might not already know about!


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