Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Here are a few more pictures from this past Sunday!  These were all taken on my phone. 


I purchased a few new things from the Sunflower Smiles collection for the girls "back-to-school" pictures, with my Gymbucks last month.  Chiquita will be getting this dress, but I gave her the headband early, to wear on Sunday, since it matched Twinkle Toes old sweater so nicely. 


Watching the seagulls fly around the parking lot.  So captivating, those seagulls!


Bud's hair... No matter what I do, it's extra thick and always wants to stick up down the middle! 


Our sweet little Rose...
Hubby mentioned that the lyrics from this Sound of Music song fit her so well, especially the other morning during Mass.  She can be such a stinker!
"Unpredictable as weather..."

*Twinkle Toes' veil can be found here (Modesty Veils website no longer active), and here is the link to Amy's free pattern for the veil Rose is wearing, which she gave to my girls.

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  1. What adorable pictures! LOVE that praying shot! Isn't it the mist beautiful thing to see a little one earnestly pray to Our Lord?!

  2. PS. My family and I have moves to Colombia (South America) from Comnecticut. But I still love reading your blog as it is so inspiring for Catholic living!! I hope to get back to blogging one of these days. Oops a few typos and for some reason it's not letting me correct them. Anyhow, God bless you and your family from a sister-in-Christ. Hopefully I can try to incorporate some of your lovely ideas with my three little boys.

  3. Your pictures of your lovely children are just fantastic! Awesome.


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