Thursday, August 16, 2012

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© Marc Salvatore - Used with Permission
© Marc Salvatore - Used with Permission
© Marc Salvatore - Used with Permission
© Marc Salvatore - Used with Permission
We were very blessed to be able to attend Mass at Rascal's godparents home on the feast of the Assumption, offered by Father Carmelo.   


This week's Mexican Polenta Pie.   My new favorite, for sure!  

The girls made Charlotte's Ptasie Mleczko this week, to celebrate the feast of St. Maximillan Kolbe!


Bud seems to wait for a special occasion for his teeth to come in!  The first tooth popped out during Captain's birthday party. The second (top right) arrived during the Wedding Mass of a friend.  And the third (top left) finally broke through yesterday, during Mass on the feast of the Assumption.  He has been much happier today!


The last couple days I've been working on cleaning and organizing our school room for the new year.  Today I decided to round up all the unused paper and file folders from around the house to see what I needed for this coming year.  Um... I think we are good!  Apparently I tend to hoard paper...

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  1. Well, you are the smart one (this time, apparently, lol) to check your supplies before you go shopping! Your baby is beautiful!

  2. Jessica,

    I love your Ptasie Mleczko! :D
    Greets from Poland,

  3. That last picture makes me laugh. I tend to hoard paper too, but never can find a scrap when I need to write a grocery list.

  4. I love all the pictures... my 8-year-old son thinks Bud is awfully cute! He also wants to know when I'll be making the Ptasie Mleczko! ;) +JMJ+

  5. LOL! I also decided to organize all our school supplies before shopping. I had the kids pull everything out and we sorted through, purged, and reorganized everything into one cabinet. Verdict: we don't need any school supplies!! I must admit, I am a little bummed about not getting to buy new supplies. It's just one of those things I have always enjoyed.

    Best wishes in getting ready for school.

  6. I loved seeing the pictures of Fr. Carmelo's mass. What a blessing! Bud reminds me so much of Snuggles. :)
    I had to chuckle about the paper. I do the same thing, but this year I actually do need to go out and buy more. I really didn't have to buy much of anything last year. Many blessing for you in the new school year!

  7. How amazing! I won't even tell you about our Feast of the Assumption faliure. It was not pretty. I have not been that lucky lately, lol. I need you to come over and help me with my school area. It is not pretty~


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