Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Camping Themed Birthday Cake

We are celebrating another birthday in our home today!  Twinkle Toes is 9 years old!! 

For this birthday she requested a "Camping" and/or "Waterslide" theme.  We are going to have both!  As soon as we get home from another Dentist appointment this morning, we are headed to the lake/waterslides with a picnic lunch.  After that we'll come back home, pitch a tent in the backyard, roast hotdogs and marshmallows, and open gifts.  It's going to be a fun day!  

I wasn't at all prepared to make a cake last night...  My goal was to try and come up with a cake using only ingredients/supplies that I already had in my cupboard.  However, at 9:50pm last night (just after the cakes finally came out of the oven to cool) I realized I was completely out of powdered sugar and couldn't make frosting.  Thankfully our little local market stays open until 10pm and I made it just in time!

I was so happy with how the cake turned out.  Isn't it cute?!?


Cake Supplies:
2 - 8" Round Cakes
2 - 6" Round Cakes
2 cups milk chocolate frosting
1 cup green frosting

For the Tent, Bed, Pillow, and Sign:

*Originally I thought about using a couple toaster pastries for the tent, but since I had the yellow fondant leftover from the sign, I decided to use that instead.  I thought it looked cuter for a little girl's cake.  I did use the pop tarts to help shape the fondant though, draping it over them in a tent shape to harden.

(I also used the leftover yellow fondant, a dab of frosting, and some brown jimmies to make a couple sunflowers to place at the base of the tent)

For the Trees:
milk chocolate for tree stumps (I used Hershey bells, sliced)
tree shaped cookie cutter

Ladybugs, Butterflys, Camp Fire, Marshmallows and Roasting Sticks:
red hots & black icing for ladybugs
black food decorator pen for ladybug spots
butterfly sprinkles
black M&M's (or candy pebbles) for fire pit
silver sprinkles
red and orange sprinkles for fire
2 pretzel sticks
2 mini marshmallows

(My initial inspiration was found here and here)

Happy Birthday Twinkle Toes! 


  1. Happy Birthday Twinkle Toes!!! We hope your day is wonderful! We LOVE your cake!

    Sunshine, Shortcake & Cupcake (and the boys too)


  2. Very cute. I love that little lady bug!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet nine-year-old.

  3. Happy Birthday to Twinkle Toes!

    You did a great job with her cake.

  4. That is a great cake! Happy Birthday to Twinkle Toes!

  5. Wow! Beautiful cake. You could honestly sell these, they keep getting better and better! Happy Birthday!! What a neet theme, must keep it in mind.

  6. Happy little girls are so cute and growing up so fast.

    AWESOME CAKE!!! love it and thanks for posting how you made it. Maybe I have a hope and a prayer to try something like that for my kiddos!

  7. Love it! What a great idea!

  8. Wow! It is indeed a very cute cake. I love it a lot the same way I love camping. Nice post.

  9. Wow! Your cake turned out beautifully!! I especially love the sunflowers & girlie touches :)

    Happy Birthday, Twinkle Toes! :)

  10. What a fun cake! I'd love a peek at what she received for her birthday! You always have the best gift ideas.

    Happy Birthday Twinkle Toes!

  11. Great job! Hope she had a great birthday!

  12. Love this cake! My Sam will be eleven tomorrow and has requested a camping/Boy Scout theme. It is going to be a late night ;-)


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