Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Can Legos be considered pretty? 
 It didn't take long for Captain and his friends to assemble his new lego set on Saturday morning, following the birthday party.  The boys thought it looked pretty cool all put together!  


The birthday boy with his baby brother, who was very happy at the moment despite that brand new tooth.


I was trying to take Captain's picture as he opened and discovered his newest Catan game... I didn't even notice the look on Snuggles face!   That boy is always making me laugh!! 


And speaking of Snuggles... He wasn't exactly happy about that one little piece of broccoli that his Dad put on his plate.

I'll be back soon to share a few pictures from yesterday and today's feast days!

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  1. I think I would have put the pictures of Snuggles and the broccoli under 'funny'

    absolutely priceless!

    love the pictures - glad all is going well - you are all still in my prayers!


    1. Yes, those pictures would have been perfect under funny too! :)

  2. I love the picture with your oldest son and your youngest! And, Snuggles is quite the character! +JMJ+

  3. Snuggles is quite expressive! I love the expressions in this post and the one with the apple car in the next post. Too cute. I've seen that picky expression here quite a few times too. 2 of ours are picky eaters.

  4. Hello, as you know I admire you and your family, you are so happy and all this love that I see through the pictures! I leave the clinic where I actually remove the gallbladder I thought of you with your concerns may be what it is .... it's pretty painful, I have 11 staples in his stomach ... I hope to go better soon, I embrace you with all my friendship, your friend from France, Marylin

    1. Thank you! And, ouch, 11 stitches! That does sound painful.. They actually did look at my gallbladder when they did the ultrasound, and it thankfully looked fine.

  5. good and well that's already good news if it goes well, I think well of you! I go see new photos! kisses to you all! marylin

  6. Oh boy...Snuggles plate looks familiar, just like my 7yo's...white food that he will actually eat supplemented with tiny bits of other food I have to make him try, lol.


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