Thursday, July 5, 2012

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It's been so busy around here lately, with swimming lessons all week.  I haven't had much any time for blogging,  but my husband took the day off (I had a doctor's appointment during swimming lessons) and it's just Bud and I at home right now!  It's so quiet and the perfect chance to hop online, even though there are about 50 other things I should be doing! ;)  I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!  I'll be back with some more pictures soon.  


I just love this picture of our little Bud that his Daddy took last weekend...  I need to start handing the camera over more often! 

And since I can't seem to post just one picture here are a few more of our cute little guy:  

Jun 29, 2012 ~ officially moved his arms forward to "crawl" (even if it was only once!) 

July 1st ~ hanging out in the schoolroom and watching mom "organize" and "rearrange" :) 

I have some more pictures from the 4th, but I'll save those for another post... On second thought, here is one of them!  :)


The boys were very excited to get to try rock-climbing at the National Guards booth following the Parade this past Saturday morning.   Snuggles thought about giving it a shot, and even got in line, but quickly changed his mind and went back to playing with his new ball.  The girls... well, they were wearing skirts!  :)   Afterwards a couple of my brothers came over (one with his family and the other with his girlfriend) for a BBQ and board games...  It was a fun day! 


Trying to get just one "good" picture of all seven kids on the 4th of July!  Hah! 


My 4th didn't start out very well... I drove all the way to Costco for groceries to find out that they were closed, Target was out of the sunscreen I had hoped to buy, and the cake I baked to decorate as a flag and take to our friends 4th of July party (I was to bring desserts) fell apart!!  I didn't give up.  Instead of piecing the cake back together or decorating it as the "purple mountains majesty" as my husband suggested, I decided to turn it into a trifle... and then made 5 other treats as well!   

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  1. Adorable!

    I am in awe of how much you get done.

  2. It looks like you turned an oops of a cake into a wonderful yummy dessert! I too am in awe of what you get done. You must have one good Rule of Life and a very organized home! God bless!

  3. You are a trooper! Your children are beautiful and so blessed to have you as their Mama!

  4. Hooray for persevering through your failed cake! You other treats turned out great and look so yummy!

    I loved seeing all the shots of the kids. It's so hard to get them all looking and smiling, isn't it. :) hahaha!

  5. Wonderful pictures! All of them! Such a nice family. +JMJ+

  6. Way to salvage your dessert...But you have to admit that "Purple mountains majesty is pretty clever! Haha!

  7. Yes, you are right. I was almost tempted to whip up some purple frosting and have him give it a try! lol

  8. What fun pictures! You turned out some mighty nice-looking desserts!

  9. your blog made my day :) glad to hear your ok, mom told me last week and i was really worried. jope you feel betta. the kids are so cute!! love you and miss you. <3


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