Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Few Pictures from the Feast of Sts. James & Christopher

A Couple Transportation Themed Snacks for the Memorial of St. Christopher 

Coupe Saint-Jacques served in Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cups and topped with handmade Chocolate Cockle Shells, the symbol for St. James


  1. Seriously Jessica, your kitchen always looks neat and tidy! HOW do you keep up with all that goes on in your kitchen? I shared your birthday pictures with my two visiting grandsons and they loved the theme. Oldest grandson noticed the brown scapular strings on your son. He and his brother also wear the brown scapular with the medal of St. Benedict and Christ on the Cross.

  2. I second Bonnie's question about your neat and tidy kitchen (really, Jessica, could you just mess it up for us, just once?), and I ask again, are you RESTING?

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  4. We LOVE that St. Christopher book, the art work is just beautiful! And all the treats look delish! Happy Feast of Saint Anne to you and yours! (And St. James, and St. Christopher!)


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