Thursday, June 28, 2012

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It was absolutely gorgeous at the golf course this morning!  It's a long drive each morning and afternoon, but the kids are all really enjoying their 2nd week of summer golf camp.


Snuggles was extremely happy to be able to join the big kids for this week's golf camp, which was open to 5 year olds as well.  He is the smallest guy out there and is so fun to watch!   I am pretty sure just about every coach came up to me today to tell me just how cute he is.  I couldn't agree more!


Today was "Team Day" and all the kids were ask to come dressed in support of their favorite instate college team.   It was at last year's golf camp where my kids learned of the state teams (and the rivalry between them) and choose favorites.  At that time our kids were split down the middle, half for one team and half for the other.  It cracked my husband & I up, especially since we don't really watch any sports (other than NHL online).   However, this year, a few of the kids changed their minds on their favorite team, and all have the same... I'm thinking it might have something to do with their aunt attending one of the schools in the fall, or the fact that their uncle will be attending in 2013 on a full athletic scholarship?   We went shopping for a few new clothing items yesterday afternoon.  Even Rose had to dress up and bring along the baby's new (rejected) pacifier her accessories! They all really stuck out (what else is new?! lol) in their bright orange and black amidst all the green and yellow (apparently the other team is much more popular in our area)...  It was great!   The coach cracked me up when he said he was "happy to see all the black and orange!  And if anyone happens to be wearing green, I can't see you... You just blend in with the grass!"  


Every day the head coach announces the winners in various categories.   Each day this week one of our kids has won a prize!  On Monday Rascal won a prize for the "best greeter", Tuesday Twinkle Toes won a prize for "hardest worker," and yesterday Captain won a prize for "best listener." Snuggles started thinking he was "just too little" to win a prize, and you should have seen him jump up, totally excited, when they announced that he had won today's prize for "best listener."   He was one very proud little boy with his big box of candy! 

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  1. How funny! I saw the orange and black and got excited for a second that you all were Oklahoma State fans. Then I realized that it's a different OSU :( But still, orange and black are great colors for a college!

  2. Snuggles looks just like you! He has your hubby's shaped head, but the face and coloring are yours. He seems like one very determined little boy, too! --Danielle

  3. Oh beautiful pictures ! have a good day

    marylin from FRANCE


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