Thursday, June 7, 2012

End-of-School Interviews

Whether I am ready of not, the end of our school year has arrived!  Next week our summer plans will begin with a bang.  First we are headed to a Catholic Family Camp, followed immediately by Golf Camp, Birthdays, and then Swimming Lessons.  It's going to be a crazy fun summer!

Other than a couple End-of-the-Year parties we attended, and the Teacher Appreciation Gifts, I didn't really have any special plans for the end of the year.   However, I was completely inspired by Sarah's End-of-Year Folders when I logged into my Google Reader this morning!

I didn't waste anytime "Making it Count" and the very first thing I did after breakfast was call each of the children into the school-room one at a time for their "interviews" and then spent nearly every free moment I had throughout the day today over at Pic Monkey creating the cover pages.  I had so much fun choosing photos and playing with the various fonts and colors.

Looking back at the beginning of the school year photos has made me realize just how much the children have all grown, and just how much we have accomplished this year, despite a difficult pregnancy and adjusting to another new little one in our home.  These interviews were such a fun way to document this special milestone and record the children's favorite memories from the year!

Hopefully I can spend a little time tonight brainstorming ideas on what to include in the actual folders for my kiddos...  I wasn't as awesomely organized as Sarah, keeping booklists for each child (next year for sure!), but I can probably come up with some sort of summary, a list of field trips, and a few work samples to include.   The big kids all have their completed Lap Books for History, and I'm sure I have plenty of pictures to choose from as well.   I'm taking notes on Sarah's tips to make this easier next year!

Anyhow, here are our covers:

Happy Summer!


  1. This is so wonderful. I am going to do this with my children. Thank you. The pics are perfect.

  2. Great Idea! I am going to have to check out that website. Seems like a neat thing to do for birthdays.

  3. These are so cool. I think I know what I will be doing today!

  4. They came out so cute! :) I am so flattered that you and Charlotte liked this idea so much. I loved it too!

    I especially love how Snuggles is most proud of his new baby brother. That is so, so sweet. And how cool that all your kids liked different field trips the best. Obviously, you are good at choosing field trips for your kids!

    I have recommended your American History plans to at least a hundred people- I'm not even kidding. I love them. We only did the first three units this year but plan to tackle the next three units (or at least the early 19th century and the Civil War) in the coming year. Thank you so much for sharing those- they have been immensely helpful to me.

    Happy summer, Jessica!

  5. Do you all go to Catholic Familyland? We are going for the first time this summer...not until August though.

  6. How cute! Your kiddos are so adorable. :) Love Ms. Sarah's idea - so neat how it's going around. We may try to do it also!

  7. They turned out beautiful! Very nice job and what a wonderful keepsake.


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