Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Hubby gave me two pretty new hanging baskets with flowers for Mother's Day.  
I was so excited, I've always wanted a couple for our front porch, and I especially love that the baskets have fluer-di-lis's on them - one of the symbols for our Blessed Mother! 


I'm so very happy and blessed to be the mother to our seven children!  

They were all given S'more Goodie Bags at a birthday party we attended, which made for the perfect end to a supper fun weekend. 


At the birthday party, the kids all had a blast on the homemade water slide! 

Watching Snuggles slide down was hilarious!


Yes, according to our kiddos, that water slide was "REALLY" fun!

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  1. What fun! Happy weekend! +JMJ+

  2. Oh wow! That makes me wish our backyard wasnt so flat!

  3. That slide looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! And what a coincidence, I too received hanging baskets as gifts, and we also had a s'mores evening around our fire bowl. No water slide though...maybe next year (looks like a blast!). :o)

  5. this makes me want to be a kid again. so fun.

  6. What exactly does a s'more goodie bag consist of? That sounds like a neat idea.

    1. A Hershey Bar, a couple graham crackers, and a few marshmallows. All the goodies to make your own s'mores! My kids loved them.

  7. now i want to dig a trench in our backyard and make a waterslide! it slopes perfectly, but we probably have too many rocks. :( looks like they had a blast!


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