Thursday, May 10, 2012

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Pretty cupcakes, all ready for today's Little Flowers Girls' Club Meeting.  
 We will be studying St. Therese and the Gift of Piety! 


Have you seen the May edition of Catholic Digest?  

Check out page 22-23....  Catholic Cuisine is one of the blogs featured in a "Fave Five" article titled Sites for the soul!  


I sat down on the couch the other day, when talking to a friend on the phone, and did a double take after glancing over at our fireplace...

I hadn't realized we had installed a rock climbing wall in our living room! 


Despite telling myself I would not wait until the last minute to prepare for Little Flowers, I put it off once again and have been scrambling all day!  Our meeting will begin any minute and my cute little Bud is still in his pajamas.  I suppose I should have been changing his clothes instead of hopping online!  :)

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  1. are you kidding me? my littles all spent most of their first year in pajamas or onesies (which usually doubled as pajamas!)

    seriously - you are super talented and make this mere mortal mom rather... um... envious!

    Am looking forward to seeing what you did for the meeting.


  2. Those are the same knights I found on my drawer knobs! Too funny!

  3. Love the pictures... especially the one of the fireplace! Don't you just love little boys! ;) +JMJ+

  4. That one knight looks petrified! Too funny!

  5. That's one yummy looking cupcake!

    I like how the knights look like they are clinging to the fireplace for dear life :) I wonder if holding a sword makes rock climbing harder or easier?

  6. pajamas are the best. once they're big they can't do it all the time so i always indulge as a baby. so snuggly too. haha with the 'rock wall' soldiers.

  7. The rock climbing knights! Huzzah!

  8. Where did you get those cute little knights? Are they part of a set or something?

    Our babies wear pajamas the first year, too. So cuddly!

  9. The knights are from the Safari Knights and Dragon Toob. My boys love them!

    My babies are in "pajamas" most of the time, too, (especially my boys) but I do try and put a little outfit on when we go out or have company coming over. Instead, this afternoon/evening, he stayed cute and cozy in this fleece "My First Christmas" sleeper. :)

  10. Ha, I picture you inching closer to the fire place to see what was crawling on the rocks... LOL. Such creative souls dwell in your home!

  11. I LOVE the little men all over your fireplace! Our kids sure make sure to make us think there and there! How creative :)

  12. I love the soldiers!! That totally cracked me up!

  13. I was very excited to see Catholic Cuisine featured, too. Very cool! Your cupcakes look beautiful and yummy as always, Jessica. Well done!

    We have those same knights here, too. Though ours are usually found climbing our stairway. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  14. Ha! We have those knights too! :) how funny! Those cupcakes are gorgeous.

  15. A happy and blessed mother's day to you, Jessica!

  16. I love the climbing knights! This is the kind of thing we would have around my house growing up (with two brothers) and I hope to have someday when my young ones get older! In fact my brothers (ages 27 and 24) still tease my sister by putting action figures on the christmas tree at my parent's home!

    Thanks for this post and for your blog - this really brightened my day!


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