Saturday, May 5, 2012

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I hadn't intended to pretty much stop blogging this past week, but I've been a little busy.   I made the decision to start spending an hour on the treadmill each day, which has all but eliminated my computer time.   I've successfully walked an hour a day for the past 9 days - for a total of 32.7 miles.   

Other than the walking, we have been staying busy with a number of outings, schoolwork, preparing our garden for planting, and planting some seeds.  

If time allows I will be back soon with more pictures from a couple recent field trips, the girls' latest State-by-State Baking project, and an overview of the last History Unit we completed.  Oh, and hopefully another Garden Party!   Today we are headed to a Garden Show at the fairgrounds to purchase seedlings, then to confession, and perhaps out to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant for Cinco de Mayo.   Hope you all have a great weekend! 


When it isn't cloudy and raining, it is so pretty here in the Spring!   Now if we can just get our actual garden (and not just the view from the gate) to look pretty and be productive this year! 


The kids have been all very happy to see the peas they planted growing!  


Boy, is this little girl's temperament different from the rest of our children.  She can be extremely sweet, but also extremely stubborn!   She is very particular and insistent when it comes to what she will wear.   

While getting ready to do some gardening this last Wednesday she put on her sister's old snow hat, her brother's boots (on the wrong) feet, and her latest favorite thing is the pacifier she happened to find.   I've never really used pacifiers with my children.   I tried with Rose, back when she needed to have all of those echos, and she hated it then.  


Last year was our first year attempting a Garden and it was pretty much a flop due to us building our fence and getting started late in the season, combined with a very short growing season.   We hope to do a little better this year!

Thankfully, the teacher I have come once a week loves to Garden and we spent this Wednesday having a "Science" class as we began to prepare our garden and plant some seeds.   At the very least it will be a great learning experience for the children!

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  1. Jessica, Good for you with the treadmill!!You continue to be an inspiration to all of us. Keep up the good work :-) God Bless, Joene

  2. I am jealous you have knowledgable help in the garden! We are learning by trial and error. Mostly error, hehe. My three year old is like that zbout clothes. She will only wear dresses. Ever. Which wouldnt be a big deal except I am not prepared with a bunch of dresses suitable for digging holes in the backyard...

  3. Great job walking! How do you get an entire hour?! I've been able to do about 20 minutes of a dancing game before some kind of meltdown occurs. :)

    And your Rose sure is like my 2 year old. Mine would not wear boots, socks, etc. in the winter and now that's all she wants to wear and it's been in the 80s! She tries to change her outfit at least three times a day.

    Have a fun GOGS party!

    1. The first day I was home with just the two littlest, and had to stop at 40 minutes to get off and nurse the baby and turn on another Signing Time video for Rose. Then I was able to get back on for the last 20 minutes.

      Since then, I've made sure that the baby is nursed and changed and then I am usually able to get to about 40-50 minutes before he starts to fuss. Then either my husband or one of my oldest three will take care of him for the rest of the time. I've gotten lucky a few times and he slept the entire time. :)

  4. HEY! She'll do that? I am going to have a talk with her! lol

  5. you have discovered the reason i am absent from blogging too. I have been much more dedicated to exercising and that added 4-5 hours a week pretty much sucks up my computer time and also just makes me good and tired. it's a good trade off though. i'll balance out soon. i've been doing this pure barre work out based on ballet techniques and it has been both life and body changing. anyhow, good for you. keep it up.

    1. Good for you too! Your new work out sounds interesting. I'm hoping I can adjust to my new schedule, and find a little more time somewhere. :) I've been really missing my computer time, but I've been falling asleep so early (for me) each night!

  6. Can you share more about having a teacher come teach/tutor?

    1. This has been our first year participating in a local homeschool/charter school. I was hesitant at first, but it really has been a blessing. Our teacher/ES (Educational Specialist) comes once a week and she spends 1 hour with each of the 4 children we have enrolled - 9-1 on Wednesdays - helping where ever it is I need help (Writing, Math, Grammar, Science, etc.) We joined the Charter specifically to use the extra funds (allotment) provided to pay for Hockey and Piano lessons (since we already had most of our curriculum), but the extra help has really been a blessing this year, and helped keep my on track - knowing that she will be coming each week - especially after having the new baby. I posted a little bit more about it in a Daybook post at the beginning of the year.

    2. Thanks...wonder if there is anything like that here in DC...and am having message alert issues again :( will look into that...

  7. Those tall pine trees in the background of the gate are gorgeous! What state do you live in that you have such pretty trees?

  8. Just a quick comment/idea that worked for me... I put industrial strength velcro on the arms of my treadmill, and then also on the bottom of one of those white laminate boards you can find at Home Depot (there happened to be one EXACTLY the right length of my treadmill I didn't even have to cut it!) Now I can walk on my treadmill with my laptop right on the shelf in front of me- makes an hour WHIP right by! :) And I can velcro the shelf off when i want to run!


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