Monday, May 21, 2012

On Fatherhood

I wanted to take a minute to share the link to a beautiful and inspiring reflection on fatherhood.  This article was written by my brother-in-law, Tom Steenson, who is married to my husband's sister and teaches 5th Grade at The Heights School in Maryland.

Here is a short excerpt that I found particularly inspiring:

"We may fool ourselves into thinking there is nothing heroic in our daily lives. After all, our day-to-day is hardly newsworthy, nor does it approach the level of notice reserved for medals and public honor. But just as there is a white martyrdom, the silent and bloodless giving of one’s life for Christ, so also there is an everyday heroic, which often finds itself played out in the silent offering of one’s daily life and work to God."

Do click over and read the whole article!  


  1. great article...shared it with my husband...and your brother-in-law is only an hour from me, on a good day with DC traffic ;-)

  2. We love the Heights school! Raising great Catholic men to change the world!

  3. My husband (who went to grad school with Tom) and two of my brothers attended the Heights. I'm sure that Tom makes a top-notch teacher! He is witty, wise, and an exemplary man. Tom and Melissa stood in as proxies at our oldest daughter's baptism. (Kind of honorary godparents...) Wish we still lived nearby so our kids could grow up together. I remember the time Melissa was going to come over to visit and I had to cancel as I was stricken with my first asthma attack :( I had my husband read this link, which is excellent!

  4. I do hope you realize how extraordinary your family and your husband's family truly are, Jessica. My goodness are you blessed with wonderfully strong Catholic men and women to surround you and your children. I am a bit envious, but also inspired each time you write about your extended families. So many priest-brother-in-laws, seminarians, strong Catholic moms and dads. Wow! Truly inspiring. Of course I haven't met a one of them in real life, but nonetheless they sound heroic to me! Blessings from Iowa!

    1. I had some of the same thoughts! Blessed indeed!

      As I came to your blog, Jessica, one of my little ones said with such a big smile," I love that picture." She was looking at your family picture up on the side.


  5. of my favorite desserts - cheesecake! Great job, girls!

    A bit out of place, but I had a quick question about the science kits you posted about. We use the same series, however, have not entered the higher levels with recommended kits. My sister-in-law, who has older children, was interested in the kits, but scared by the cost. I was wondering, are the kits a one time use by one student type, or could they we "refilled" with a few components and be reused by future students.

    Thank you!


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