Monday, May 21, 2012

Good Shepherd's Garden Party :: Week Six {and May Crowning!}

Yesterday afternoon (before watching the solar eclipse!) we had our sixth Good Shepherd's Garden Party.  Since we hadn't had an opportunity to have a May Crowning yet this year, I thought we'd try to tie it in to our Garden Party this week, especially since all the symbols for Week Six can easily remind us of Mary.   I suggested the idea to Charlotte and she took off with it coming up with the perfect titles and menu items.   Here are a few pictures from this week's Garden Party/May Crowning:

~ The City Gates ~
Gate of Heaven Angel Food Cake

~ The Bride and The Groom ~
(Bride and Groom) Spouse of the Holy Spirit Strawberries

~ The Temple ~
(Shirley) Temple of Virtue

~ The Thrones and Alleluia ~
We also listened to Alleluia music and enthroned Mary as Queen of our hearts and home.

~ The Crown ~ 
Queen of Peace Crown Shaped Tea Sandwiches 

Hubby and I skipped the treats and opted for a yummy salad!  I spent this past Saturday running errands and finally stocking up on fruits, veggies, and lean meats.   We are trying hard to eat better, but I really need to find a better routine for grocery shopping on a more frequent basis!

For this final week, I've decided to give my children a special treat each day (rather than having a Garden Party next weekend) to both build up their excitement and also simplify this coming weekend for me, since we will want to have our traditional Pentecost Celebration.  Today I'm serving ReinDEER sandwiches and trail mix!

Please head over to Catholic Cuisine to see the pictures from everyone else's Good Shepherd's Garden Parties, or to share pictures from you own Garden Party and/or May Crowning!


  1. Beautiful as always. Here on the east coast we missed the solar eclipse. Checking out your Pentecost link so I can start planning something myself. Take care.

  2. Your blog is such a blessing! You have truly amazing ideas and are such an inspiration! Thank you for allowing us to take a peek at all of the wonderful things you do!

  3. I have the Garden of the Good Shepherd stickers and calendar but have been missing the booklet for some time. Do you know where I might be able to buy just the booklet?

    1. I don't know where you would be able to find just the booklet to purchase... I actually have a few of the calendars myself. If you'd like, I'd be willing to send you my extra booklet. If so, just email me your mailing address and I can pop it in the mail!

  4. Is that china Stoneleigh, Noritake? That's our wedding china. Looks just like it!

  5. I love the Mary statue! Can you tell me where you got it?

    1. I love it too! It is the 18" Madonna and Child statue made by Joseph's Studio. A number of vendors have it available at Amazon here.

  6. Such a pretty table, Jessica, and oh, how I miss angel food cake. :)


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