Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Review :: Past Suspicion

I recently was asked to read and review the book Past Suspicion by Therese Heckenkamp.   The author, a home-shooled student from Wisconsin and originally Australia, was only eighteen when she completed her first draft of this book, finishing it by the time she was twenty-two!

I really enjoyed reading this book!  As Regina Doman (author of a number of other wonderful young adult books that I have read and enjoyed) is quoted saying on the cover, Past Suspicion is "A riveting mystery that will keep readers turning pages.  An outstanding effort by a first-time novelist."    This well-written Catholic Suspense Novel about Robin Finley, a 17-year old girl who has recently lost her mother, was indeed a page turner.  I had a very hard time ever putting it down from the moment I began reading the first chapter!  The plot is very interesting,  as Robin tries to unravel the dangerous secrets of her mother's past, yet at the same time believable.  It has an excellent cast of well-definifed characters, is filled with all sorts of twists and turns, and even has bits of Catholicism woven throughout the story.  I highly recommend this book to all young adults (and adults!) that enjoy reading mysteries.

I have the paperback copy (which is also available directly from the publisher), but I just noticed that the Kindle edition is only $2.99 at Amazon or FREE for those with a Prime Account!  Click on over to download a copy or to read additional reviews.


  1. Hi Jessica,
    Just want to say, good for you walking on the treadmill and keep it up!
    Also, what age do you think this novel would be appropriate for? I work on retreats for mothers and daughters for our diocese, my primary job is running the "bookstore." I think it would be neat for the teens to see the work of another Catholic teen, but I didn't know how young you would recommend this for. Thanks! Wish I had a kindle, would download a copy right now!

    1. I saw a suggestion of 12 over at Amazon, but I think we are much more conservative when it comes to what we allow our children to read (or watch). I would probably say 16 (with discussion, at least for my own children), since it does contain some scary/intense moments (being a mystery), as well as a developing relationship/dating between the Robin and two of the other characters. However, it is no where near intense as the other young adult books that are currently popular (Hunger Games, etc). I guess it really depends on the teens!

      If you happen to have an iTouch/iPhone/iPad, there is a Kindle App available for those as well! :)

  2. Great review Jessica!

    I'm sure you've received this award before, but I'm passing The Versatile Blogger Award onto you :) Play along if you like.

    Peace, Lori


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