Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby's First Food

Bud wanted to try a piece of that cake on Pentecost Sunday so badly that I asked one of the kids to bring me a jar of baby food from the kitchen... It was time to let Bud try some solid foods!  He just didn't want to wait until 6 months, like Rose.  I'm hoping to have the chance to start experimenting with making our own baby food, but for now I picked up some Earth's Best First Fruits and Vegetables.

My sweet little Bud!  (5 months and 1 week old)
I just can't get enough of his cute little smiles! 
Bud's 1st Bite of Baby Food - Earth Best First Bananas
2nd Bite... He did not want to let go of that spoon! 
"Mom, may I have another bite of banana, please?"
I'd say they were a hit!  Don't you think?

Photo Credit: Captain


  1. solids is one milestone that I enjoy looking forward to :) glad he liked his bananas...

  2. Awww, sooo cute!!! Simeon has been looking and grabbing as we eat....sure sign of wanting to try food! I need to call a specialist though on how to feed him....waiting til 6 mos...not too far away....It takes an hour to feed him a bottle....wonder how long baby food will take?

    1. God bless you, Jamie! Hopefully your older children will be able to help, and that it won't be too difficult. I know it takes time for my sister-in-law to feed my niece, but it seems to get easier as she gets older.

  3. Oh, yeah...do you do baby cereals? I, in the past have always started with rice cereal, but have recently heard that we should start with baby food, like you have.

    1. I've always started with rice cereal in the past, but decided to try fruits and veggie first for Bud. Here are a few things that my pediatrician shared that I found interesting:

      ‎"The American Academy of Pediatrics states that for healthy babies there is no medical research that suggests that starting baby cereal is advantageous over other common first food choices."

      "For centuries, the norm was to breastfeed for a year or longer and introduce first foods that reflected the foods of the area later in the first year of life. Those foods tended to be fruits, veggies, whole grains, and meats. However, the past two generations of parents shifted the norm to bottle feeding formula and introducing baby cereal to newborns. Part of the reason infant cereal became a part of a baby's diet had to do with the quality of the formula. In those days, formula was not the same quality that it is today, and cereal seemed to help the formula stay in the baby's stomach."

      "The La Leche League, advocate that fruits, vegetables, and meats are a great option for first foods. The La Leche League (LLL) notes that breastmilk is primarily carbohydrates (as is cereal) and fruits, veggies, and meats expand the nutrients that babies get."

      I thought about starting veggies first, but read that there isn't any medical research that supports the thought that a baby might develop a "sweet tooth" if they have fruit first. And that especially for breastfed babies have a very sweet diet to begin with, so it won't make a difference. My pickiest eater was first introduced to rice cereal and veggies and then fruits - and won't hardly eat anything. My others all ate lots of fruit as infants and they have the most diverse diets!

  4. Yes, he definately looks like he enjoyed them! So sweet!

  5. I would say he enjoyed them! Our Pumpkin hasn't really liked his solids, unlike his brothers :( Even applesauce! I mean, who doesn't like applesauce?!?

  6. What wonderful photos of you and Bud! That top one with his cherubic smile makes me melt. You are both beautiful. --Danielle

  7. What a beautiful photo of the two of you. I just love the first one, you should frame it. He is beautiful, and so are you. I could look at his little face all day, too! LOL

    My Samuel would cry and whine and reach every time we ate. I kept putting him off because I had planned on 6 months and my daughter has food allergies so the doctor said to possibly wait longer. But one night, we were snowed in and Daddy was not coming home because of the storm and I just couldn't handle the crying. I whipped out some bananas and cereal and he was never happier. He still loves to eat. It would have been torture for him to wait another 6 weeks.

    Enjoy that little sweetheart, they grow up way too quickly as I'm sure you realize.

  8. He's a cutie! Babies sure let you know when they're ready, don't they? I tried waiting until 6 months with my 3rd (she made it to 5.5 months) and am trying now with Zoe but I don't think it will happen. I'm trying to hold her off until we move at least but she's reaching and grabbing and watching with interest!


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