Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Don't you just love this little creation that Rascal made with his modeling beeswax?  I was really impressed, and it made such a nice addition to our Easter Decorations.

Captain also helped with the decorating, using a little bookshelf that I had temporarily moved last week.   (I'm still trying to decide what color to paint it and where it can go...)  He pulled out all the Easter books for me, displaying them on the shelves, along with our Resurrection Set, Holy Week and Easter Ornaments, and a beautiful lily that was given to us by some of our Easter guests. 


Happy and excited to discover the baskets of Easter Eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.


No one could bring themselves to cut a piece from the head, as our cute little lamb watched with that pleading "please don't eat me" look.   ;)

Cross with Roses?  No... St. Therese needs to try on my pretty new sunglasses! 


How many attempts does it take your family to get a decent family picture?  My little brother took 10 of us to finally get one with almost everyone looking and smiling!   

And Easter clothes?  I had no problem coming up with outfits for the kids, but for myself? I ended up just wearing the same thing as last year... almost! It's a good thing I have that pink sweater in two different sizes and that my rose skirt has such a stretchy waist!  ;) 

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  1. Isn't it always easier to dress the kids than ourselves! I bought a dress for Easter and two days before I told Hubby I didn't like it. He assured me I look beautiful until I saw the Easter pics!!! Ugh! I looked not so beautiful. He than said "well I didn't think that dress was all that pretty when you picked it out." I wish he would of told me before I bought it!!! Lol! You look beautiful!

  2. Beautiful family! and lovely blog. I had to do a double take looking at your picture, you look so much like my younger sister!

  3. Poor little disembodied lamb! Have you tried poking out his eyes? (You'll get that when you see my kids' chocolate bunny.)

    I agree with Rose... I think St Therese would have loved those snazzy shades. OK, maybe before she entered the convent.

    Oh and... you look beautiful as always!

  4. I love your beautiful family shot! We had the same problem with our lamb cake. The head was saved for leftovers and by the next day it wasn't so hard to eat, lol!

  5. I know what you mean about having an easy time finding cute clothes for the kids - but for takes more hunting!

    Your family looks beautiful. I love outdoor shots - the lighting is much nicer than anything indoors. I also know what it's like needing 15 shots to get one or two good ones! And I only have 4 in my family so far :)

  6. Aww, your kids are so adorable but I did crack up a bit seeing the variety of expressions going on there. Sometimes photos are better when there's a little drama, rather than everyone looking "picture" perfect.
    Nevertheless, the end result is a lovely family photo. And I'm impressed with how coordinated everyone is.


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