Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finishing the Fireplace

We have been waiting a long time to "someday" finish our fireplace.   We had our cabinet maker create a new mantel which he installed in December of 2010,  after we had to pull down the old brick nearly two years ago.    We had hoped to finish the project with our 2011 tax refund, but other things came up and it was postponed again.   We were blessed to be able to set aside some of this year's tax refund to finally complete the fireplace!!!

This is what you would see when you walk into our home.  I tried covering up the ugliness last summer with some brown paper, but it had to come down when we started using the stove again for the winter.   I'm not the most patient person and apparently God wanted me to work on this virtue!  

I tried to have this project completed while Hubby was out of town, in time for Easter and as a birthday surprise for him, but it ended up being a bigger project than I anticipated and three weeks wasn't enough time.    I first met and hired a Mason. Then I needed to have the stove removed.  Then I found out that the mantle was originally installed too close to the stove and it needed to be moved 6 inches higher.  Then I called the cabinet maker, who was too busy to come out right away. And then the stone we had chosen needed to be ordered.   Needless to say there wasn't anyway it could be finished by Easter.  This week it is finally all coming together, and that "someday" is finally here!

It's been a busy morning.   The contractors arrived at 7:45, the cabinet maker at 8:00, and everything is falling into place.   They think they might have it all finished today, but then we'll still need to have the stove insert hooked back up.   I am so excited... and the kids are learning all about masonry!    :)

I'm sure I'll be back to later share a picture of the progress!


  1. woohoo!
    what a wonderful project - the end result, I am sure, will be lovely


  2. Looking forward to the finished product! +JMJ+

  3. So exciting! I love seeing the glimpses of all the lovely improvements you've made to your home over the yeara. Thank you so much for sharing them. We're going to be having *major* work done on our home this spring and oh my

  4. Oh I know how hard it is to be patient for things such as this, and then to have to deal with all the little setbacks makes it agonizing. It will be worth it in the end, though! Your stone looks beautiful; it will be just stunning once it's up! (kind of reminds me of the stone on our fireplace ;)


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