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Photo Credit:  Marc

I just love these pictures, which were taken at a baptism we attended for Amy's newest baby this past Sunday afternoon.  Our oldest two boys had the honor of serving!

Photo Credit: Lily Caroline


Photo Credit: Lily Caroline

Our little Bud has just the cutest smiles, but I just haven't been able to capture one of them with my camera.   I was so excited that a couple friends caught him smiling at me with their cameras!


I handed our baby to his daddy and pulled my camera out to take a few pictures...  However, the sounds from all the other cameras clicking away (in the tiny little historical church) made me laugh and I put my camera back in it's case.   Still, I just couldn't resist pulling it back out when I noticed the little gap between the mother and godfather, allowing me to see the sweet little guy being baptized when Father was pouring the baptismal waters over his cute little head.  


Photo Credit:  Marc

Umm... Yeah... I just had to go and have a small, small piece of the baptism cake and a half a cup of coffee with cream at the reception.  I've been paying for it ever since, which explains my lack of blogging this week.  I just can't believe how very sensitive this little one is to any dairy and caffeine.   My husband has been out of town the last couple days as well, which has made for a challenging start to Lent.   I think God might be telling me that He wants me to keep it extra simple this year... 

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  1. Beautiful photos, thankyou, Jessica.
    Take care.

  2. What a beautiful celebration! Lovely post.

  3. What a great post to start Lent! Beautiful.

  4. My second child had a severe dairy & soy allergy. It took 6 months for the doctors to understand what was wrong. Her lower intestines had to be scoped with out sedative, for the doctors to definitively say it was an allergic reaction. The outermost lining of her bowls was being eaten away by the dairy that I was consuming, and left large bloody soars everywhere. It really helped me understand why if I even had (just 1!!) oreo, or even just a few m&ms she would be in terrible pain. My daughter is now 10, she has out grown her allergy. I have had however more children with this allergy and so dairy is no longer part of my diet. You learn to improvise and the benefit is that you lose weight more quickly!! Our prayers are with you and your little one as you adjust to this new diet!! I know how hard it can be!!
    God bless you all! I have really enjoyed your blog through the years!

  5. I have the same trouble personally with dairy, eggs, meat, wheat, oats, soy, barley, and rye. That leaves us veggies, fruits, beans, and nuts. It was hard at first. When I had my first day without pain and fatigue in over 7 years, I rejoiced at the blessing this knowledge brought. Plus, I lost 40 pounds that had hung around for 18 years after the birth of my youngest son. God is good and will guide us if we ask and listen.

  6. Oh, how I feel for you, Jessica -- and I can't imagine managing a large family while taking care of an unhappy infant. My first was beside herself for the first 4 months with dietary issues (and I confess that as a new mom, I was totally unprepared for this emotionally and mentally). Now that I'm 7 mos. along with our second, I checked out some of my favorite nursing web sites and was quickly reminded of everything that happened the first time around -- and now I'm just holding my breath, hoping that things turn out differently this time, and praying for strength should we have a repeat. But clearly, as you and Anonymous point out, I'll be in good company if we're again challenged in this way. :) Maybe this sounds cliche, but how wonderful for little Bud that he has a mommy who's so vigilant about her own diet to help him. You were clearly called to this vocation! And yes, here's to a simple Lent that reminds us Who we're doing it all for. Blessings to you and your family!

  7. Jessica, I'll never know how you have the discipline you need to give up those foods. I give you real credit! You definitely know the meaning of sacrifice-you're living it! I felt guilty enough for caving and buying a little treat when I knew I shouldn't. Only to find on the back it says "INDULGENCE. It's a pleasure you've been neglecting. [Not exactly]. It's time you and your old friend indulgence got reacquainted." Well, that might be okay if it wasn't LENT. Definitely runs contrary to the spirit of the season. BUT better luck next time, I say! Keep up the good fight. Your little guy appreciates your efforts on his behalf! And the Lord does too, I'm sure.

  8. Jessica, you have my heartfelt sympathies re: the food intolerances! My elder son could not tolerate my having the tiniest amount of wheat, dairy, eggs, or chocolate. My priority was to nurse him; so I found ways to cope and other foods to eat (unintended side effect: I got very thin!).

  9. Jessica, this is off the topic of your post but I am looking for a baby blanket You mentioned at one time. You mentioned a light weight blanket that would be good in warmer weather. I think You included a link to amazon but I don't remember the name of the blanket.Any chance You might remember? I live in Georgia and I am expecting my 8Th baby at the end of June. I haven't had a summer baby since my oldest fifteen years ago!

  10. Congratulations! The blankets I was mentioning are the aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Wraps. They come in a package of 4 and are WONDERFUL!! They are a larger size, which is great for swaddling a newborn, and get softer and softer as they are washed. I love them! :) Every once in awhile they are listed on Baby Steals. They had them a couple weeks ago and I ordered another package for our newest little guy.

  11. that church is so pretty!!


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