Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade St. Valentine's Day Cards

This past Friday, and then again yesterday afternoon, we spent some time making cards to exchange for St. Valentine's Day!   This year I had each of the children come and take a look at some of the ideas I had pinned to see if there was anything that they wanted to try making.   It was so much fun, and I was so proud of myself only using supplies that I could find around the house, without making a trip to the craft store!  

.:  Valentine Handprint Cards :.

Rose and I decided to make these adorable little cards from Rosy ~ Posy.  At first she was very excited, but quickly changed her mind as soon as she felt the paint on her hands.   After making six cards she had had enough, and we went back to adding I love you to the middle heart later.   

.: Love Blossom Trees:.

Snuggles liked the idea of making this Love Blossom Tree and from Meet the Dubiens.  He had so much fun making these, and ended up acting just a little silly in the process!

I thought they turned out so pretty, and I love that he used his arm, hand and thumbprints to create the painting!

.: Cute Cards and Cookies :.  

Chiquita had her eyes on some scrapbooking paper in my stash and decided to make her own cards, to pair with some more dipped Oreo cookies, like we have made in the past.

She decided to use Golden Oreos this year, though we almost went with the new "Neapolitan" edition.  She packaged them up in bags and attached her cute little cards to each.

.: St. Valentine and "I Love You" :.

Twinkle Toes loved the "I Love You" (in sign language) Valentine Cards that I had pinned from Waltzing Matilda.  "Thank you Miss Charlotte!!"   She traced the her hand in the shape of the "I Love You" sign, cut them out, and then made a pocket with her hand to hold the St. Valentine card.  She wrote the little poem on the back, "Love is Patient, Love is Kind, Happy feast of St. Valentine!" and signed her name on the back of each St. Valentine Card.

To go along with her cards, she decided to dip large pretzels into melted pink candy, and then decorate them with valentine sprinkles.

.: Soda Pop Valentines:. 

When Rascal saw these Soda Pop Valentines from Daring Doodles, he immediately decided that those were the ones for him.   They were so easy too.   We just printed out the free printable image for him to cut out and attached them to some small soda bottles and cans that his dad picked up at the grocery store.

.: Don't Go Changin' :.

Captain liked the idea of these "Don't Ever Change" Valentine cards from Jac o'lyn Murphy.  I even happened to have a few extra bags of Chocolate Coins leftover from Christmas/Epiphany for him!  We created little tags to print and tie on to the packages.   It looks like I only got a finished picture of his cards (though I "erased" his name from the picture).

All of our homemade goodies are packed up, along with some St. Valentine's Day Printables, and we are headed out the door for Bud's 2 month check up, and then to a friend's home for the afternoon.   I hope you all have a very lovely feast of St. Valentine today!

Heavenly Father, we ask You to guide our children in the choice of spouse.
Don't let them be carried away by false charms or be fascinated by mere outward glamour, but guide their minds to look beneath and beyond all external attractiveness for the deeper things which alone are worth while.  And especially let the choice be of one who is a fervent Catholic, true in thought and word and deed to those ideals which are Yours especially the value of their purity.  Dear Father of us all, give Your guiding help to our children, who are Your children too. We'll be letting them go soon, but please, don't ever let our children go from You. Amen.

St. Valentine, patron of romantic love, pray for us!

*This beautiful prayer was found over at Waltzing Matilda


  1. Thank you so much for linking to my "Don't Change" Valentines! Oh My, your family is adorable and what fabulous creations you made.
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  2. These turned out really cute, Jessica!

  3. great ideas! super-cute cards! :)

  4. What a great job with all those cards! I don't think I can pick a favorite. :)

  5. They are all super cute! I love that Twinkle Toes decided to turn the hand into a pocket for the holy card!

  6. All of those turned out great. They did such a good job.

  7. Beautiful prayer, Jessica. You always amaze me. Thanks for sharing all your Valentine treats. We made the mailboxes for our co-op party tomorrow and they came adorable. Thanks for the idea!

    Happy St Valentine's Day, you obviously have a lot of love to share, hope you get plenty in return!

  8. Everything turned out just adorable and so creative, Jessica...You are always an inspiration extraordinare! A view into your home and all you do is a true example of love. Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and all of your lovely blessings:)

  9. Wow! I am impressed with all of your kids' hard work. Each Valentine is so special. Happy Saint Valentine's day.

  10. Hi Jessica, all of the St. Valentine's cards look so festive and fun. It's obvious your children enjoy crafting and making things for others! Great outlet as well as a serving heart! Well done, Mama Jessica!

  11. WOW. That is all I can say..because you do an amazing job. VERY cute.


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