Thursday, February 9, 2012

1774 - Felicity :: An American Girl Lap Book and Unit Study


Felicity and Elizabeth Dolls and Mini Dolls
Free Felicity Mini Books from Homeschool Share

~ Front Cover ~ 
For the cover the girls each choose an image from the American Girl Website's Wallpaper selections, cropping and pasting it to the front of their covers.  They then cut out the year "1774" with the help of our Cricut to add to the front cover as well.

~ Inside First Folder ~ 

 Free Felicity Mini Books from Homeschool Share:
  • Who is Felicity?
  • United States Map
  • In Felicity's Day
  • Felicity's Favorites
~ Inside Second Folder ~ 

 Free Felicity Mini Books from Homeschool Share:
  • Living in 1774
  • Conflict
  • Posie
  • Felicity's Horses
  • Felicity's World
  • Recipe Pocket (homemade)
I also ordered the Felicity Paper Doll book from Amazon.   The girls created a pocket on the Back of their Lap Books to store their dolls.

Baked Pumpkin Pudding ~

"Felicity used her best pumpkin to make this tasty pudding."

~ Queen Cakes ~

"Queen cakes were a favorite of the Queen of England.  Felicity liked them, too, because they were made with sweet currants, which are like raisins." 

~ Additional Colonial Crafts ~

Weave a Potholder

Embroider a Sampler from Felicity's Craft Book

The American Girl Website has additional fun games and activities as well! 

The girls have moved on and are now studying the American Revolution with the boys, in addition to working on a Josefina Unit Study/Lap Book. 


  1. I am loving all your posts. Especially the birthday party. Happy Birthday to your son and kudos to you for a very very cool birthday party for him.

    I LOVED the cake!

  2. Wonderful lapbbok. We plan on doing an American girl study with our American History lessons next year.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    This is great! Looking forward to using your ideas next year. Do you think the Portraits of American Girlhood book is worth the money? Just wanted your opinion. Wish I could preview it. Thanks again!
    God bless,


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