Thursday, January 12, 2012

Will you pray for me? :: A First Holy Communion Spiritual Bouquet Keepsake Book

Earlier this week, when I mentioned that the girls had been given permission to make their First Holy Communions this Friday, an anonymous visitor shared an idea in the comment box that I loved and wanted to try and make for our girls:
"We have made both a small book and also (for a different girl) written on an artists canvas the girls name with "Will you pray for me?" and they got to take it people at their First Holy Communions/parties and people would write what prayers they promised the child. Our daughter loved asking for prayers and our guests loved praying for them. Congratulations!"
I decided to make the books similar to the "Wisdom of the Saints" Journals I had come up this past year as one of our Little Flower Crafts. I even happened to have a few extra blank books and laminating sheets all ready to go!


Blank Book (I purchased these from Rainbow Resource)
First Holy Communion Image (I choose one from a First Holy Communion Holy Card.  Another option would be to have the child color a First Holy Communion Coloring Page.)
Glue Stick
Self-Adhesive Laminating Sheets


Re-Size First Communion Image or Coloring Page to fit on the front of your blank book or notebook. Add "Will you pray for me?" to the top of the page and "On the Occasion of My First Holy Communion" to the bottom.   (Originally I was going to keep the type green, but the girls asked for pink and purple!)  Have each girl color the image and/or glue to the front cover of their book.

Trim laminating sheet to 1/4-1/2" past each side of the book, cutting the two outside corners at an angle, so that you can wrap it around the edges to secure. (I was able to cut the 9x12 sheets in half, using one sheet for two books.)

While I was at it, I also created a Boy version as well.  You can find all of the documents I created over at Scribd:

(also in Pink, Purple and Green)

On the First Inside Page I wrote my daughter's full name and the date of her First Holy Communion, followed by the following prayer:

Corpus Dómini nostri Jesu Christi custódiat ánimam tuam in vitam æternam. Amen.
May the Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ preserve your soul unto life everlasting. Amen.


  1. I will pray for each of your girl today!!! What a great time for them!!!
    And I will pray for you too!!! What a amazing momma you're, I don't know how you can make all (your book are absolutely wonderfull).
    Be blessed have a nice first communion day.
    Sandra a regular reader from France.

  2. lovely idea. continued prayers for your soon to be First Communicants.

    you're invited to share all you First Communion Joy at my linky party. here is the link.

  3. Lovely. Wish I had this idea when my own kids received their First Communion a few years ago.

  4. I love this idea, Jessica! Last year, I did something similar in that I included a card with each invitation, asking guests to participate in a Spiritual Bouquet for my DD. They were to attach a flower to the card (which had lines to write a message and what prayers they would pray for her) and bring it with them to the party. At her First Holy Communion party, she was able to watch her bouquet of flowers and prayers grow. It was really pretty and special!

    I think I will make this book keepsake for my 2nd daughter, who will be receiving her First Holy Communion this April! It's something a little different, and I know she will appreciate that =)

  5. This is a great idea...and what a beautiful keepsake! Prayers for your daughter's big day!
    Jessica...would you mind linking this idea up to my Sacrament Linky here:

    I also wanted you to know that I featured your awesome Saints bingo printable on my post yesterday for "Converted 2 Catholic".

    Thanks for all that you do! You inspire!

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  7. I woke very early Saturday (our time) and thought it would be Friday morning your time, and said a prayer for you and your family on your special day. Every blessing to you all - Valerie, NZ.

  8. Keeping them (and Bud) in our prayers today!

  9. love it. keeping your girls in my prayers. Blessed Imelda pray for them.

  10. I hope your daughters have a wonderful, special First Holy Communion. They will be in our prayers!

  11. So generous of you to share the templates and instructions with us! Whew! The whole idea brought me to tears. So sweet.


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