Friday, January 6, 2012

On the 12th Day of Christmas

A Delicious Twelfth Night Rum Cake...

... complete with three chocolate coins, one to represent each of the three gifts brought by the Magi to the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

We had two very excited children (Captain & Twinkle Toes) who found coins in their cake.  The last coin has yet to be discovered, but I'm sure the leftovers won't last long... This cake is so yummy!

Our Completed "They Come Bearing Gifts" Jigsaw Puzzle

The night ended with a sweet Christmas play performed by our children.  I wish I would have recorded it on video... They were so creative, especially with all their costumes and props found around the house!

Happy Epiphany!


  1. I love all the puzzles your family does. Do you use mod podge or some kind of puzzle preserver on them when you are done? And if so, where do you put them after that? Do you hang them up? Or, do you just take them apart and put them back into the box? My kids have been wanting to do big puzzles, but we're military and move alot and I don't know what to do with them.
    Happy Epiphany!

  2. Your cake looks very good Jessica! What kind of coins did you put in your cake? What a great find for your children.

  3. Charity ~ We just take the puzzles apart and put them back in the box, though I do put all the pieces in a large ziplock first, to prevent them from spilling out of the box and getting lost. I'm sure we will work on them again someday, as the younger children get older.

    Noreen ~ I used some chocolate coins made by "Divine" and found in the health food section at one of our local stores. Really any kind of chocolate coin would work just fine.


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