Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve in Pictures

~ Completing our Puzzle ~
Our second puzzle, the Holy Family Jigsaw Puzzle, finished just in time for Christmas.  This one was much harder than the last, at least for the border and the stained glass windows which I had to finish.  
We started the puzzle on the 18th, just before I left for the hospital, and the girls continued working on it while I was gone.  They completed most of the little scenes (which they loved) and almost all of the middle.  Now if we could just find that last piece that went missing while I was gone...

~ Singing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel ~ 

~ Enjoying our favorite Christmas Gift ~ 

~ Christmas Cookies and a Visit from some of my Siblings ~ 

~ New Pajamas on Christmas Eve ~ 

~ Visiting the Manger after Midnight Mass ~

~ Not a Creature was Stirring ~ 
After setting up some of the boys' train set on the new train table for Snuggles, we were finally ready for a little sleep at 5am Christmas morning!  Even though they were both worth it, two all-nighters in one week are two too many!  ;) 


  1. Oh how wonderful all the pictures are. Your tree is magnificant...I got the same train set for a little one but the train table is different than yours. Yours looks much larger. Ours is white....Love the black one....Those all nighters are the trials of the season......God bless.

  2. One of the things I love about your little family is to see those children all dressed up like we did when we were growing up. We don't see this anymore now so it is such a joy to see you all....and to share your pictures. God Bless and what a beautiful family you have. Happy New Year! God Bless you all!

  3. Oh, what a wondrous and blessed Christmas at your home - Thanks for giving a peek inside.

  4. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful pictures with us: your blog enriches our lives. What a lovely puzzle, and I hope you find the lost piece! A happy New Year to you & love from Valerie.

  5. Groan....a missing piece!! How frustrating! :)

  6. Oh blessing family..
    I love seeing all those pics. very warm Christmas eve in the family.

    Best wishes


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