Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Celebrating Two Years... Already!

On December 15th our little Rose turned two years old!   I had all sorts of fun theme ideas that I wanted to do for her birthday, but with being full term with Bud I had to keep it simple.  This year our "theme" revolved around searching for the perfect Christmas tree! ;)   With our new little guy arriving on the 19th I never did have a chance to post pictures, but before too much more time goes by I wanted to go back and share some pictures from her special day.

The birthday girl in her new birthday dress and jacket.   Rose is very particular over what she will wear and loved her old white jacket that she had just outgrown.  She was very excited about her pretty new jacket!

Saying "Good Morning" to the cat, and making sure her doll said "hello" too!

~ Birthday Fun ~

Out to breakfast at Marie Calendar's! 

~ Birthday Cake ~

For some reason Rose refused to blow out her candles.   When it came time, she pointed to Snuggles and said "HE!!!"  Snuggles was more than happy to help her out.  

~ Birthday Gifts ~ 

A Fun Gift from Sweet Friends, which was a hit with ALL the girls!

Birthday Cards

A New Stroller for her Dollies

A Sweet New Doll... which Rose HATED!  Actually she opened the box and said "Aw!  Dolly!" picked up the doll, gave it a kiss, and feeling the different (aka: fabric) skin threw it right back in the box!  
(I had purchased this doll on clearance over the summer and was thankful I hadn't paid full price.  I immediately ordered her another doll for Christmas, that I knew for sure she would love!)
She wouldn't touch it again the whole evening, though she did eventually warm up to the doll. 

Overall, despite my lack of energy and planning, Rose had a great birthday.  Perhaps next year I will finally be able to pull off a fun theme for her... if I start planning now! ;)


  1. Simple is good. :) Rose is all smiles. I loved it.

  2. What a sweet birthday celebration. I love the cake. Tell do you manage to keep your advent wreath on the coffee table with a toddler in the house?!


  3. I'm really not sure! I always have candles on that coffee table, year round, and our children never seem to bother them.

  4. Wonderful pictures! I began following your blog the summer before Rose was born... now she's a beautiful big sister!
    Peace, Annita +JMJ+

  5. I bought that same Corolle doll for my 2-y-o for Christmas too. It's a great baby doll, but I'm sure you know that by now. : )

  6. Jessica - where did you find that cute doll stroller? I've been searching for something similar without success...


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