Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Little Prayer

Some of the prayers I ought to know
Have words that are so long
I can't remember what they are,
Or where they all belong.
And then I feel like crying, God,
For I suppose I should
Know all those prayers by heart--and O!
I do want to be good!
But mother says You understand
That I am very small,
And that You like it if I pray
In my own words and all...
Now, when I cannot think just how
A prayer is meant to go,
I kneel down anyway and say
"Dear God, I love you so!"


  1. OH, I love that!!! My current 1st grader has a harder time with memorization and this is perfect for her!!

  2. The photo and poem are both beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, Jessica.

  3. How timely; my first grader just memorized this very poem last month! I love the prayers in that book!


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