Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1764 - Kaya :: An American Girl Lap Book

Kaya Boxed Set (and Audible Audio Version)
Kaya's Paper Dolls
Free Kaya Mini Books from Homeschool Share

~ Front Cover ~ 
For the cover the girls each choose an image from the American Girl Website's Wallpaper selections, cropping and pasting it to the front of their covers.  They then cut out the year "1764" with the help of my Cricut to add to the front cover as well.

~ Inside First Folder ~ 
 Free Kaya Mini Books from Homeschool Share:
  • Nez Perce Vocab
  • Who is Kaya?
  • United States Map
  • In Kaya's Day
  • Kaya's Favorites

~ Inside Second Folder ~ 
 Free Kaya Mini Books from Homeschool Share:
  • Living in 1764
  • Conflict
  • Kaya's Horses
  • Kaya's Change
  • Kaya's World

 I also created a Recipe Pocket with recipe cards from this study:  

~ Pemmican ~

~ Kaya's Dried Fruit and Nut Mix ~

The girls had so much fun making the recipes! 

I also ordered a used Kaya Paper Doll book from Amazon that was supposedly in "like new" condition, but when it arrived, it was missing the Kaya and Tatlo Dolls that were suppose to be on the first page.   Thankfully I was able to find a picture of them online and printed them out so we could use all the outfits, etc.   (I actually ended up printing out two, so that the girls could each have their own.)  The girls then created a pocket on the Back of their Lap Books to store their dolls.

The American Girl Website has additional fun games and activities as well! 

The girls have moved on and are now studying Colonial Life, with the help of Felicity!  For some reason, the girls are absolutely loving History this year! ;) 


  1. Hi Jessica,
    You mentioned in a previous post that your girls were listening to Felicity on CD. I have a daughter who is 5 1/2; is she old enough to enjoy the CD, or should I wait another year? A generous grandparent got her the AG doll last Christmas, and I would like for her to understand Felicity as a historical character, not just a lovely doll.
    God bless! You look wonderful and remain in my prayers.

  2. Mary ~ Yes, the girls are listening to all the AG historical doll stories on Audio/CD. My oldest daughter will also read along with her books. They are really enjoying the stories (even my younger 6 year old, who really enjoyed listening to Josefina last year when she was 5 1/2).

  3. Yes, I would love history at your house too! I loved (the few) American Girl stories that first came out (even if I was "older" than the recommended age). :) I can't wait to share with my girl!

  4. Oh how fun!!! I was planning on reading all the American Girl books (well, probably not all of them, lol) to Buttercup next year!

  5. Hi ~

    This is a general lapbooking question. All your lapbooks for each subject and Little Flowers are just lovely. How do you store them? I would like my littles to have access to them, so they can review what they've learned. But then I'm afraid they will start missing pieces or certain parts will get ruined. Can you please share what you do?


  6. Jessica,
    The lap books are just beautiful. This would be perfect for my little girls. I have been looking for something for them. Thank you again for so generously sharing. I have been using your ideas for our Little Flowers group also.
    You look fabulous! So excited for you. Stay well!
    God bless,

  7. LuAnn ~ Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. For some reason it was marked as spam and I just ran across it in the spam folder.

    My children each have a magazine type holder for their Lap Books, and so far they all fit, though the boys may need another soon. They love taking the Lap Books out to share with visitors and friends. We haven't had any problems with missing pieces or anything, but then again my kids worked so hard on their Lap Books that they are very careful and gentle with them. They really are treasures and so worth the time and work they require!

  8. You have some really great activities developed for your children. I am currently doing some research on this series and you may find the comments from the Native American Literature blog interesting because the books are not historically accurate in many cases.


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