Monday, October 17, 2011

Little Flowers Girls' Club ~ The Gift of Understanding

This past Thursday we had our 2nd Little Flowers Girls' Club meeting for Wreath IV.   We ended up having a small group of girls, due to a bit of miscommunication on the meeting date (I had rescheduled to this coming Thursday, and then needed to move it back, scheduling it around an upcoming trip), but even though it was small and we missed the other girls, we still had a wonderful meeting. 

In addition to baking cupcakes, and all the other last minute preparations for the meeting, I somehow managed to find the time to iron on all of the girls' patches that they have earned over the few years,  in addition to the crown patch that their gemstones will be attached to this year, to their new (slightly larger) sashes!  They were outgrowing the small sashes that I originally purchased for them, and so I purchased these lovely deluxe sashes for this year.

As I was working on this "little" project, it made me realize just how much we have accomplished in the past few years of Little Flowers!  I still need to go back and secure/sew them to the sash, since the iron-on fabric that I used doesn't seem to be holding too well, but at least it is a start and the girls were so excited!

Bonus picture of my latest favorite Little Flowers Apron, though I do have the beautiful new "Living the Little Way" design on my ever growing "wish list!"  Aren't the Catholic Aprons great?! 

Here are some more pictures and highlights from this month's meeting:

~ Coloring Pages ~

St. Catherine of Alexandria from Catholic Artworks Faith Keepers CD
(If any one knows of any other sources for St. Catherine of Alexandria Coloring Pages, please let me know!) 

by Twinkle Toes and Chiquita

Father Damien of Molokai from Waltzing Matilda
 (Sent home to be used as an alternative for one of the member's guide assignment for the younger girls, instead of watching the movie Damien)

by Twinkle Toes and Chiquita

~ Wreath IV Lap Book ~

We had a short lesson on the gift of Understanding and St. Catherine of Alexandria, and then continued our lesson by reviewing our Lap Book mini-books from last month, and adding some for the gift of Understanding.

The girls had all completed the mini-books for their "Favorite Quote from the Book of Wisdom"  (I posted the ones my girls choose here), St. Teresa of Avila, and Malcolm Muggeridge.   They all enjoyed sharing what they wrote in the mini-books with each other, and then adding them to their lap books.

We then continued with the mini-books for this meeting. Here is an overview of what was completed (*some are taken home to complete):
So far I have been very happy with this new addition this year, and the girls seem to like it as well!

Additional Resources:

~ Notebook Pages ~

For the notebook pages, I used the motto for understanding,  various quotes on understanding, an image of St. Catherine, a definition on the gift of Understanding from My Catholic Faith, a prayer to St. Catherine, and acrylic gemstones and sequins in emerald green. You can download my document here.

Here is a picture of the sample page I created:

Here are a few of the girls completed notebook pages:

~ Craft ~

Since the Member's Guide lists the symbol for this meeting as being "Water," I decided to have the girls make Holy Water Fonts.

We also made them "Heart" shape, recalling an old custom that originated in France, that on St. Catherine's Day, heart-shaped cakes are given to young women who have reached the age of twenty-five and are still single.  Not that any of the girls need to worry about that! ;)

Directions can be found here:  St. Catherine of Alexandria Holy Water Fonts

~ Snack Time ~

Saintly Symbols Cupcakes :: St. Catherine of Alexandria

Pumpkin Cupcakes baked in Heart Shaped Silicone Cups, topped with Cream Cheese Frosting, sprinkles, and a Candy Crown - a symbol of St. Catherine of Alexandria. 

Last month, when I was making a trial cupcake for each month, I used pink/red sprinkles and a brown chocolate crown.   For our actual meeting I used gold sprinkles and a yellow/gold candy crown.  I'm not sure which one I like better. . . 

~ Group Photo ~ 

Be sure to check the Shower of Roses Little Flowers Girls' Club link-up during the next few weeks, as all of the girls that are "joining" our group online/at home share pictures from their second meetings for this year!  

Grant me the Spirit of Understanding to enlighten my mind with the light of Thy divine truth.

St. Catherine of Alexandria, 
pray for us! 


  1. I love your cupcakes! The brown with red sprinkles is my favorite.

  2. Hi Jessica, My daughter is in her second year of Little Flowers, and I have two questions for you (if you don't mind :) I hope you didnt'answer these somewhere else already!). The first is, how long are your meetings? Our club day meetings are 1 1/2 hours long, and I wonder if all that you do could be squeezed in that amount of time. The second is, are you able to work in the requirements for each month at the meeting from the book, or do the girls do that on thier own? I've heard of other clubs doing the requirements during club time, but ours don't. Your meetings look beautiful!

  3. Hi Anne! Can you believe that I still have an email sitting in my drafts folder, and never did get around to finishing it last summer! I am sorry! Last summer was so crazy, and I am constantly behind with emails... I'm much better about answering comments! ;)

    Our meetings are currently 2 hours. Last year they were 2 1/2 and it was much easier to fit everything in. It would be hard to do everything that we do at our meetings 1 1/2 hours, and still have time for snacks/playtime.

    In the past I never incorporated any of the requirements into our meeting, other than having the girls share what they accomplished, and choose prizes out of our prize box. However, this year I am incorporating as many as I can (through the lap book assignments, etc) and the girls are able to check off about 4-6 of the 8 (Wreath IV) in their books each meeting. Either way works, though my girls seem to get more of theirs checked off when I incorporate them into the actual meeting! ;) I usually don't have much extra time to work with them, but as they get older they have been able to do more of them independently...

    And, by the way, I do remember you from my year at Christendom! :) I was a Freshman in '97-98.

  4. Hi Jessia! Wow, I forgot about that email, just go ahead and delete it from your drafts :) Thanks for the info on Little Flowers. A friend of mine is doing a lovely job teaching my daughter's class now, but I'm keeping some of your ideas in the back of my head for another time (maybe my for my new little girl!).

    My husband and I went back to visit the campus a few years ago with the kids we had at the time-- so much has changed! I really enjoyed it, though!

  5. I love the heart shaped holy water font. The paint must have dried in time before gluing on the other items?

  6. Thank you!

    Yes, I had the girls paint the hearts at the beginning of the meeting, then they were ready to be finished by the end.


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